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    why would anyone spend $40,000 on a single lift? is the 10,000 upgrade really worth replacing it to hydraulic? I don't know the answer to that question but I do know for those of us that have already spent a hefty sum of money on a truck this is not going to happen. If you can afford to simply "upgrade" your system for $10,000 or more when it works fine the way it is, than you can probably afford to own several of these trucks. I love mine and for the first 31,000 miles between myself and the previous owner there has not been a single issue except for ordering a new remote because one of the originals motherboard had some issues. $40 fix

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    I agree- Don't see any advantage to throw money at the ATC "upgrade".

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    Also the 2 biggest problems that the 1st generation conversion has is 1) the safety strip on some gets moisture in it causing the lift to be jumpy and in some cases quit opening/closing until replaced or disconnected ( easily fixed by disconnecting, as long as you actually pay attention to the lift as it is operating it is very safe to use without, the sensor is almost like a redundancy), and 2) the actuators have issues but that's only for users that are pushing the weight limit of the lift (700 lbs i think). For manual chair users the actuators shouldn't be a problem since we are on the very low end of the weight capacity spectrum. I look at it like this: just because you have to replace the alternator, starter, water pump, etc... etc.. on a car doesn't mean its a piece of junk, it just means that nothing can be made unbreakable. Half of the posts I have read in this topic by people bashing the SVM conversion are probably the ones that don't even own one and simply want to rain on other peoples parade. For those of you that have had issues (albeit minor I'm sure) I am truly sorry. You have to remember that this company is still in its infancy and their current third generation conversion is much better than their 1st generation, although the first generation still has very few problems. Every time I have contacted the SVM mobility parent company about anything since I bought the truck they have been prompt in responding and very polite and helpful. Remember, the company you actually take the truck to for repairs is not the parent company, they are contracted out, so their rudeness or whatnot should not be held against SVM, although with enough complaints SVM should do the right thing and drop them as a contractor. Long story short, if you don't even own one of these conversions you have no business regurgitating things you read from other people because you truly have no clue. *rant over* :-)

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    I'm not stopping in here at the CC forum too much either these days but when I did, I found I'm not the only one with Goshichi/SVM conversion issues. I have a 2012 GMC 4x4 converted by Goshichi before SVM took over. I'm about a month away from the warranty expiring and have very similar issues with the slide element of this lift. The closest repair dealer is in Las Vegas, so I was stuck without a vehicle for two weeks while they replace an actuator, some shims and a bolt that snapped. That's two weeks of paying a non-med transit $90 a day to get me to work and back. Mobility SVM has not been as responsive with me as some have experienced or as the company has claimed. My truck is back now for over just over a week and it's already making strange sounds. So far, SVM said, "sorry, that's the best we can do"

    I'll wait it out and see how long this repair lasts, but after next month, any reapir comes out of my pocket, so no, I'm not as happy with my truck now as I was a year ago. That said, I am considering the ATC upgrade beause SVM won't alter their design to solve the problem I have. No I can't afford it but I also can't affor to miss work or get stranded somewhere in the hills.

    FYI here's some pics of a recent dry lake trip.Name:  Dis Dealer 1.jpg
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    I hate to hear that for u buddy. I was talking to a SVM parts guy today and the problem you are having is one he said that many of the first generations have. Are you in a power or manual? By what you described with the bolt breaking and the actuator I will bet its a power chair.One of the downsides to using a power chair with this conversion, from what I'm told anyway, is that the more weight you put on the lift, the bigger chance of those problems occurring. The way I understand it is there is simply more stress and the parts wear out quicker. Have you spoke with the SVM out of Fort Wayne? the guys name in the parts department is Jeremy or Jeff (i cant remember :-) and he is super nice, super honest about the up and downsides of the conversion, and super awesome about getting back with people (my personal experience anyway). It's kinda like this, you have an original iPhone and now they sell the iPhone 6 or whatever. The original iPhone is not a "bad" product, but simply has more bugs than the newest one on the market. They have had time to work out the bugs. If you can afford the upgrade price, it might be something worth u personally looking into. Also Jeremy told me that they recommend to have it inspected every 6 months. If it is inspected on this time frame the problems you described can be caught before it gets severe. I know its shitty driving however far every six months, but its shittier to pay $1500 every time you wear out the actuators when a 30 minute like $50 inspection could find the problems with the cheap parts first and fix them before the problem escalates to broken actuators. Good luck with whatever you decide!

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    Good looking truck by the way :-)

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    Pics of my 2013 Silverado

    Here are a few pics I took with my phone. First time uploading pics so i hope they turn out ok. I had to resize so not sure if i did it right or not
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    Thanks for the advice, and yes, I did talk to Jeff at SVM. He did understand my situation and explained it to me basically the same way you did. The fact that I did recently go from a manual to a power chair plays a big part in the stress on the lift, so yea, I get it. It's a no-win situation. I guess I'm just tired of no-win situations after 30+ years of dealing with some kind of aparatus, electrical device or piece medical equipment. It's our life, no? Like most of us here on CC, I'm a patient and reasonable person but I can't seem to get my head around the fact that because we're often so patient and understanding, we get taken advatange of way too often.

    Yea, our cost of living is higher than most, but c'mon, give us break, right? It seems lately that every time I turn around, I'm shelling out big bucks just to live my life, so when this issue came up, I kinda lost it. With less than a month left on the warranty and getting the truck back from being repaired, it was a tough pill to swallow when they said this will all likely happen again and next time, I'm on the hook to pay for it.

    As I ramble, I guess my point is that when a vehicle manufacturer knows about a defective part on one of their vehicles, a recall is in order and they solve the problem. In my opinion, SVM should step up and solve this problem, not just replace a defective part with the same defective part. And blaming Goshchi isn't valid either. They bought Goshichi out so guess what? You get all of that company's perks and their liabilities and if SVM thought the Goshichi product was good enough to buy the company, then they should stand behind it and fix it. Take the good with the bad.

    If I bought an iPhone 4 and expected the features of an iPhone 6, that's one thing, but I didn't. Even Apple issues upgrades to their phones. I bought a $75,000 truck with the expectation that it would last more than 3 years. I don't think that's asking too much.

    I know I'm probably fighting a losing battle, but I've got nothing to lose. I'm going keep pressing SVM to solve the issue so I don't need a 6 month inspection or a repair every 2-3 years. Other $75,000 vehicle owners wouldn't settle for that, why should I? Why should we? I'm betting that if more of us spoke up we could get some results, especially if we spoke up together. I'm willing to take the lead on an effort to look in to encouraging SVM to issue a recall on this problem so that those of us with this first generation problem can at least get 5 years of dependable use out of our trucks. It's just a thought. I'm sure someone smarter than me can set me straight and tell me why this won't work. But as I said, I've got nothing to lose at this point.

    Thanks again, I like your truck too, especially the fenders. I considered those myself but decided they were a little too much without going to a bigger tire and wheel. One mistake I made was shaving the door handles. The door popper on the passenger side can be a hassle sometimes when the only upside is how cool I think it looks.
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    I have a 2012 GMC, love it..I guess I've been fortunate...I've had very minuim suggestion if your able too, is have Ur truck started when ur loading or unloading..(.remote start) personal experience is it puts less stress on moving parts..just my personal opinion..good luck ...
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    Bill I agree with you completely. This was a huge investment and SVM should treat it as such. I would be willing to join you to make your voice louder, even though I am currently not experiencing issues, one day I might. I understand you frustration and you are exactly right to be frustrated, and more importantly entitled to pursue that frustration. We get screwed enough with outrageous prices, the least a company can do is provide customers like you with a possible recurring malfunction the same investment that you made in them. Whatever kind of voice you can put together, I am willing to help anyway I can!

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