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    Oh and I do like the shave door handles! I might have to consider that if I can get my wife on board ;-)! Yea I really like the fender flares. The rims are 20 inch Rockstar XD's but I feel like they still look a little small. When I put new rubber on them in about 10,000 miles or so I think I'm going to double the thickness and tread to give a fuller, tougher look. Did you leave your exhaust stock? I am considering true duals and have an appointment here in town on April 1st, but I'm starting to think about just leaving it stock. Anyone have any advice on the pipes? Yay or nay?

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    Thanks for the advice everyone, yes, I always start the truck before entering and it helps. Recently I filed a claim with the BBB to pursue a resolution to this issue, maybe they'll realize that all I want is to have a dependable vehicle that lasts longer than 2 1/2 years. It may not get me anywhere but I'm not just giving up. Jeremy from SVM did call me and explained again why they won't upgrade it but I still don't believe that's the right thing to do to customers. I think a recall is in order.

    As for the other features, i did put a Flowmaster exhaust on it but had to tweak it a bit to make it fit. Truck sounds greaet. I also switched out the rack & pinion, sent it to Turn One to lessen the resistance so it's easier to steer. Got about 50% reduction and it's perfect for me now off road. The rocky terrain where we hunt out here can be brutal and after 8 hours of it, my arms were pretty wiped out.

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    Glad your steering worked out with Turn One but sorry your having actuator troubles. Eventually I am going to convert from actuators to hydraulic. The plan is to use a tank/motor combo unit and stick it in the toolbox so it will be quiet and out of the way. I have spoken with someone who converted their truck over, said it is quieter, faster, and uses same remote. My second vehicle is going to be a Tahoe from ATC, although I haven't decided on which door configuration to get yet, I just like the slide-out door more I believe.
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    Hey sorry it took me so long to respond back. Depending on my posture i sit between 54" and 56". Hope this helps

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    Just started having issues with my door either not opening or stripe has been disconnected several months back..
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    You are in Houston, I hear it's been raining a lot.
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    " I hate to hear that for u buddy. I was talking to a SVM parts guy today and the problem you are having is one he said that many of the first generations have. Are you in a power or manual? By what you described with the bolt breaking and the actuator I will bet its a power chair.One of the downsides to using a power chair with this conversion, from what I'm told anyway, is that the more weight you put on the lift, the bigger chance of those problems occurring. The way I understand it is there is simply more stress and the parts wear out quicker. Have you spoke with the SVM out of Fort Wayne? the guys name in the parts department is Jeremy or Jeff (i cant remember :-) and he is super nice, super honest about the up and downsides of the conversion, and super awesome about getting back with people (my personal experience anyway). It's kinda like this, you have an original iPhone and now they sell the iPhone 6 or whatever. The original iPhone is not a "bad" product, but simply has more bugs than the newest one on the market. They have had time to work out the bugs. If you can afford the upgrade price, it might be something worth u personally looking into. Also Jeremy told me that they recommend to have it inspected every 6 months. If it is inspected on this time frame the problems you described can be caught before it gets severe. I know its shitty driving however far every six months, but its shittier to pay $1500 every time you wear out the actuators when a 30 minute like $50 inspection could find the problems with the cheap parts first and fix them before the problem escalates to broken actuators. Good luck with whatever you decide!"

    Thanks Boztick - That is basically exactly what Jeremy told my husband when he called out of frustration with MobilityWorks in Wall, PA. No one ever told Danny to have it inspected every 6 months and his actuator has been replaced TWICE now in less than two years. Yes, he uses a power chair that with him in it tips the scale at 650 pounds, so it makes sense. Thank God that thus far it hasn't cost us $$$ other than no one seems to really care that he is stuck at home for a week at a time until MobilityWorks "gets around" to ordering the part. The last time this happened, they told Danny they ordered the part on Friday and when Danny called Jeremy on Wednesday of the following week he found out they had just placed the order Tuesday - and they didn't even ask them to expedite the shipment! Jeremy overnighted the part to them and Danny was able to get his truck fixed the next day. Had it not been for that phone call to Jeremy at SVM Danny would have missed going on his annual fishing trip with his buddies. It's just wrong the lack of customer service with some places these days - it's just WRONG.

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