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    I'm bummed out tonight because of progress (or lack of) on my GoShiChi conversion. My truck was shipped out to them more than 8 weeks ago. I called my local dealer to check on the status of the truck- they found out it had not even been started!! I talked to Steve in Nov. and was told that the turnaround time was still at 6 weeks. Now I'm hearing words that I don't like to hear about the co. - "buyout" and "reorganization". This is alarming if true- the dealers were not made aware of this. Now I'm starting to wonder about my sizeable investment ( $50K so far) in this conversion. GoShiChi has not returned my calls or e-mails. I hope that Steve, or someone, can give me some reassurance that my investment is safe. I will keep you posted as I learn more. Until then, "let the buyer beware".

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    Phil, I am moving your thread to Work, School, & Money.

    Good Luck.
    Rock bottom is relative to how high you bounce when you hit.
    --General George Patton

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    This has nothing to do with work, school or money.

    Not even a returned email? I'd be losing it.

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    Angry Go ShiChi

    I don't know why this was moved either- it seemed better suited to general news. Knowing that other members are thinking of this conversion, I just wanted to pass along what I've been able to find out about the company. It appears that GoShiChi has been bought out by Kelley Auto Group- you can Google and make your own conclusion on them. I was able to speak to a co. rep. today and all I got was how great the new group was going to be. What I wanted was an approx. of when my truck would be done. What I was told is that there are 53 units in waiting- some from as far back as last summer?? Not acceptable in my world. The rep. (Jeremiah) did little to calm my fears. If you, like me, have your truck in the system it might be a good idea to let your dealer know about our concerns;

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    Sorry to hear about your Truck, Phil. I think Pete (braswells) has a goshichi truck conversion, maybe ask him how long it took for him to get his truck back.

    I think this thread belongs in the Equipment forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PN View Post
    Phil, I am moving your thread to Work, School, & Money.

    Good Luck.
    Are you sure it doesn't belong in Relationships & Sexuality?

    Phil Bishop, I've been in similar situations. You're going to
    have to annoy the shit out of them.

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    Go ShiChi

    Any forum that gets the message out is fine with me. I never really expected the 6 week timeline to be met. What I do believe is that the dealers should have been given a heads-up so they could let their clients know something was in the works. Even after the deal was made they had to dig to find out what was going on. Not a very professional way to keep a good clientel base.

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    Go ShiChi

    Buck- you may be on to something. I do plan on making sure they don't want me as a return customer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Bishop View Post
    Buck- you may be on to something. I do plan on making sure they don't want me as a return customer.
    My situation was with Carmax in '09. I was trading in a car
    that I had just paid off, but because the payoff check hadn't
    cleared yet, Carmax needed me to write them a check for the
    payoff amount along with the down payment. They promised that
    I'd get my money back within a couple weeks. Well, eight weeks
    later, after numerous calls and excuses from their financial
    department, I finally got my $8000 back. Not near the amount of
    money you're dealing with, but still an inconvenience.

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    Hello I have a Goshichi Pickup truck that I had converted back in 2010 when they first started and it took a while for mine to because they wanted to make sure that everything was done properly. Nothing is worse that getting your vehicle back and having to return it because something goes wrong. Keep in mind that the dealer may have given you incorrect info on timing to make a sale. I worked for dealerships in the past and they have a habit of lying to make the sale. Steve and the guys at Goschichi have been very good to me since my truck conversion. I know that it is frustrating because you want your vehicle but to me it was better for the vehicle to be working properly then rushing through it and it needing to go back. Sorry to put in my opinion but I was one of the first vehicle on the street with this lift and it is great. I had more issues with my truck then with the conversion. These guys have always been great.

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