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    Question Spinal injuries

    2 years ago I had surgery for CAuda Equina syndrome which has left me partially parapleagic and incontinent of bladder and bowels for which Ihad colostomy surgery and a suprapubic catheter. I was born with a narrow spinal canal. Over the past 2 years I have had increasing problems with my cervical spine. First MRI showed 2 disc bulges and I was tols I had significant nerve compression and was put on a urgent list for decompression and fusion. Then they noted I had carpal tunnel issues and was taken off the list until the carpal tunnels were decompressed. That was done but I still had significant pain in arms, hands and neck. Further MRI showed 3 discs bulging - saw neurosurgeon who siad pain was irrelevant and no surgical procedure would be offered. Now also have swallowing problems which (after tests) reveal bony growths on spine compressing my gullet. No treatment being offered but due to see a neurologist on 24th of this month. Can anyone help me or give some guidance on waht I should be saying to neurologist? Please feel free to email me direct on I live in Inverness in Scotland.

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    Sounds like you need to get a second opinion from another neurosurgeon. The neurologist should be able to advise on this. Just keep in mind that spinal surgery for decompression does have the risks of making you worse instead of better, so many neurosurgeons will not operate unless you have serious effects.

    I am puzzled why with a CES you have a SP indwelling catheter and colostomy instead of getting rehabilitation to learn how to do a good bowel program and intermittent cath, which is much better for your health in the long run.


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    ank you for your response. Urologist advised I would be best to have the SP catheter, up till then I was using self itermittent cath. Regarding bowels I was told by the colorectal surgeon that spinal stimulator was not an option due to the extent of nerve damage and due to arm/hand problems manual evacuation would have been difficult and irrigation was something I did not come across until some months following colostomy surgery. As it is now my bladder has gone completely out of sorts and was draining from urethra when flip flow was closed so now I am using a leg bag. Maybe my cervical spine probs are having an effect? I have a congenital narrow spinal canal so I guess that doesn't help either.

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