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Thread: Pulling a suicase with a scooter

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    Pulling a suicase with a scooter

    Hope I am welcome in this forum. I do not have spinal injury but am having more and more problems walking - stenosis.

    I bought a 3 wheel scooter for travel and was wondering how I can transport a carry on suitcase in the airport. Figured there might be a way to "tow" it.
    It has a handle that telescopes out.

    Thanks in advance


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    I use a large caribeaner clip from Lowes that I attach on the suitcase and on to the back of my chair. Perhaps something like that may work?
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    Found this on a UK site. I suppose it could be adapted for luggage:

    Of course in the USA, you can get free assistance from the curb to the gait with your luggage if you request it from the airport or airlines.


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