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Thread: Looking For Feedback On A New Joystick Handle Design

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    Looking For Feedback On A New Joystick Handle Design

    I have designed a new wheelchair joystick handle and would like some input on it. I've personally tested it extensively and think it is superior to everything on the market (I'm a bit biased). It is meant as a replacement for a goalpost style handle. It probably works best for those who do not use a wrist splint while driving. If you are interested let me know. I will reimburse you for your time. Continental USA preferred.

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    How about posting pics and getting immediate feedback?

    It isn't like there are millions of dollars at stake and some big corporation is going to steal your idea. The "bubble" burst in the goalpost style joystick handle market long ago. I'm sure interested people would be willing to test it for free if it looks like it would work. If it worked better than what they are currently using, they would be willing to reimburse you instead of you reimbursing them.

    Why limit yourself to the Continental US when you can easily go global?

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    I'm with SCI on this one. Post a picture and I would be happy to give you feedback right away.

    On another note, I personally do powerchair evaluations almost everyday. I would be happy to buy a couple and show them and give you feedback.

    Post a handful on ebay with the link here...

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