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Thread: Brand New T12 injury. . . so many questions???

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    She should be getting PT in the ICU, at least to work on maintaining her flexibility (range of motion = ROM exercises). Is she getting a back brace? As soon as that is available, she should be sitting up in a chair, although only on a good pressure reducing cushion, and with weight shifts (the PT should teach her this) every 15 minutes.


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    Just wanted to chip in to say that I had/have nothing but positive things to say about the SCI floor at UC Davis Sacramento (across the street from Shriners). PT/OT/nurses, all of them were ACES and helped me out tremendously, and are still available to me if/when I have questions. Also the Physical Therapy after care SCI specialist they will refer you to is unbelievable. I have heard very different things about Kaiser (an hour away) as well as Mercy (local as well).
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    Hi Brad,

    First off, sorry to hear about your wife's injury. I am a T11-12 who has just recently hit my 8 years post injury mark. I am still a full time chair user. I attempted to use KAFO's and other bracing devices but I have terrible pain and spasticity so it is just so exhausting to use braces. I am still hoping that one day this will change!!

    As far as rehab, like others have said, its hard to determine what will happen. Everyone is different. Like others have said, the best thing you can do for her is to stick by her and support her no matter what!!!!

    I was 22 when I had my injury, so just a couple years older then your wife.

    Please PM me with any questions

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    They have been doing ROM everyday. We did hear something about a back brace but dont have a clue when she might get it, but it would be great to get here sitting up so hopefully soon. Thanks for all the help everyone.

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    Great News

    We got some great news, caitlin is getting her back brace 2maro YAAAAA!!! and hopefully tuesday we are heading to san jose for rehab at least thats the word. She is very excited and VERY nervous,she wants to know what she expect to do when she gets there, what exactly will she be working on just want to know from some people that have been thru it, Thanks Again.

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    Wonderful news! Great she is getting out of bed so quickly, she hasn't been weakened by months in bed and will progress rapidly. There's physical and occupational therapy, the latter instructing her how to do the necessary daily activities in a chair such as cooking or going shopping. Of course there are the medical issues, pressure sores and infections are at the top of the list. It's really important to find the best equipment for her such as the right cushion, a light chair, and stander. When she drives she should use a cushion as well, though a 4" high profile one maybe too high, I use a 3" Roho in the car. One of the hardest things was to be around others with worse injuries, you wish they could do the things you can, and you see how unfair life can be. Please keep us posted on her progress if you can. All the best to the two of you. Craig80

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    She should have OT, PT, therapeutic recreation, rehabilitation nursing (teaching and care), social work and psychology services. She should take advantage of all of these. Adaptive driving usually has to wait until she is out of her brace. She should attend any group classes and outings offered, and you should go too as much as possible. She should expect to have about 3 hours total of therapy daily, plus recreation activities and classes. She should wear street clothes, and expect to eat meals in a dining room with other patients.

    Learn as much as you is so critical to be able to stay healthy and there are many preventable complications to be concerned about. Good luck. Keep us informed, and get her on-line here ASAP.


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    I would say she should move her ankles around/wiggle her toes as much as she can while she's just stuck laying in the bed - that will most definitely help her PT in the long run. even if she can't move them at all, tell her to focus on it...telling her brain to move them (I know, lol, but thats what i've been told for the last 7 mths).

    I had fractured t12 in july 2011; now 27...still recovering and going to PT 3x/wk (going to start pool therapy in Feb.), acupuncture 1x, massage therapy 1x, counseling 1x and doing as much as i can to exercise at home. It becomes a full time job. I am still employed just on medical leave at this point. i am determined to return to work at some point this year, being able to walk without any assistive devices (currently using cane and AFO out of the house).

    Oh, also, one of the worst things to expect is the B&B problems. yep she'll have bladder and bowel accidents! Its like I would feel when i have to go but then it just goes - no control :0( I'm still going thru it. i'd like to have contact with her when she's able. I'll tell her more about what she can look forward to (things i've experienced).

    Granted every injury is different, I've read a lot of things on here that are inevitables.
    Best of luck.
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    Brad, I hope things are going well. Sounds like improvement and progress towards getting her into rehab, so good going on that. Please post back and let us know how she does. From the posts that people have made to this thread, I think you can see that we're all pulling for you!

    Several folks have chimed in with what to expect and that sounds like what my experience was. It was very exhausting at first and there were days when I really didn't want to go to the rehab gym even though I knew it's where I needed to be. Each difficult thing they give her to do is meant to move her towards greater independence. She'll feel wonderful when she starts to see the things she can do for herself.

    My best wishes go with you!

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    Thanks for all the help everyone, caitlin got her back brace today and she is looking HOT !!! They got her sitting but today but she was getting pretty light headed, but all in all she was happy to not be laying down. hopefully 2maro we can get her hitting up for longer and mabye even get her out of the room, lets hope. Her question of the day lol is what is the hardest part about SCI to get use to? Thanks again you guys are the best.

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