Hi all, my name is brad and my wife caitlin was in a car accident thursday the 12th, its has been a long scary 4 days, we have been told very little but we do know that she has a fracture at t12 and at the moment she has yet to regain any feeling or movement. We as a couple and me as her husband have so many questions I don't even know where to start. From what I have read a good rehab facility is the first key to recovery, but I have no clue where to look, we are in northern california, I know shriners is a great place but my wife is 20 therefore to old for a children's hospital but I have yet to find anything here in norcal. she also wanted me to ask is there any suggestions that experienced paraplegics might have on how to get the most out of rehab, she is determined to walk again and wants to do whatever she can to get there ( she is stubborn as hell lol). Im sorry for the long rant I just have so much going on in my head, me as her husband I have no clue what to expect in the coming months or what I can do to help her, I want to do whatever I can to help but I dont know what it is I can do or expect. I just found out about this site today from one of the RN at the hospital and I am already getting so much info, thank again