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Thread: Please help!!

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    Maybe they think he is not taking good enough care of you and by god, you would be healed by now if it werent' for him. Ha!

    Or maybe they want custody of you so they can "pull your plug".

    Ridiculous scenarios for sure, but they don't stand a chance.
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    It sounds like you were in a difficult spot when you made the decision to move in with your parents. Hopefully you and your husband can present a united front and work out some type of a peaceful coexistence. Everyone is correct, nobody can "take custody" of an adult unless they are declared legally incompetent by a judge. Unless you have signed a power of attorney AND are unable to make decisions for yourself, they have no control over you. Of course, they can legally evict you from their home....

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    My dad and stepmother tried this with me. Tried to get me to sign over power of attorney, and when I refused tried again saying that way they could file a disability application for me and I wouldn't have to do any work. Well if I wanted them to do the app for me it would be easier than signing over POA, and no way would I trust POA in the hands of someone who doesn't think I can make the right choices for my life! I'd never do it period because I don't have any illness that means I can't choose for myself, but if I did I'd choose someone I trusted had my best interests and wants at heart and not just wanting to make decisions for me because of feeling I could not make them for myself.
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