Cross over to the stomach was also an issue for me. It did not change after having the leads surgically placed by a neurosurgeon.

I hope they can take it out if you so desire. Mine is still in as noted and cannot be removed. Specifically ask the doctor about scar tissue and tearing the dura upon removal.. early on it is OK over time it becomes a problem.

I think mine was in for 5 years when I needed to have it removed and they told me a no go.

good luck


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Hi there bollefen. I have a neuro-stim and haven't turned it on for over 2 years. The techs at Medtronics tried re-programming it several times because my neuropathy has gotten much worse, but they just can't get it cover both legs, or any part of my lumbar, it just ends up stimulating my stomach... which is horrible! They said the leads need to be adjusted (surgically) to fix this, so I dropped the ball on that option... as I was never happy with it to begin with.
How long have you had yours? I've had mine for over 5 years now, they know I don't use mine and never mentioned that they might not be able to remove it, so I just made an app with my PM Doc to discuss this. Man... I'm going to be furious if they can't take it out!