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Thread: Stimulators

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    good luck

    Cross over to the stomach was also an issue for me. It did not change after having the leads surgically placed by a neurosurgeon.

    I hope they can take it out if you so desire. Mine is still in as noted and cannot be removed. Specifically ask the doctor about scar tissue and tearing the dura upon removal.. early on it is OK over time it becomes a problem.

    I think mine was in for 5 years when I needed to have it removed and they told me a no go.

    good luck


    Quote Originally Posted by mrjazz View Post
    Hi there bollefen. I have a neuro-stim and haven't turned it on for over 2 years. The techs at Medtronics tried re-programming it several times because my neuropathy has gotten much worse, but they just can't get it cover both legs, or any part of my lumbar, it just ends up stimulating my stomach... which is horrible! They said the leads need to be adjusted (surgically) to fix this, so I dropped the ball on that option... as I was never happy with it to begin with.
    How long have you had yours? I've had mine for over 5 years now, they know I don't use mine and never mentioned that they might not be able to remove it, so I just made an app with my PM Doc to discuss this. Man... I'm going to be furious if they can't take it out!

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    I had an interstim unit (neurostimulator) implanted for bladder dysfunction. After several revisions, (where the lead wire was repositioned next to a different sacral nerve), I had it removed. This was because the lead wire fractured (broke.) Now I am living with permanent nerve damage. I would never, ever have had this surgery if I had know this could happen. This device never really helped my bladder dysfunction either!

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    I am also looking at doing the trial (Boston Sci SCS).
    Many of these posts worry me. I wonder how many good results there are, but those people don't need to post - so we never know.
    Maybe my pain isn't severe enough for this thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PixieGirl View Post
    Hey There metronycguy...its seems that you just might be a vetern at all this stimulator crap.Thank you for giving me an look into all that you went through in regards to these devices that are just suppose to make us feel better. I appreciate all the insight and basically a list of questions I should and will ask. I apologize but I have no clue what CES is.I find that each reply I received from those of you who had up close and personal experiences with stimulators..were not only unsuccessful but had not so grand side effects.You seem to have had awhole new experience.As I read on my jaw began to drop a little more.I am in amzement at your story.It is a shock.I am so glad I decided to put this question out there.I .

    i am late in trying to catch up, but the boston scientific people should not be having inter reactions with you, if your doctor doesn't know what they do of work well with, he shouldn't be implanting. The worse information i received was from the boston scientific technicians /sellers. They are the medical device version of the pharm representitives thaty make a real lot of money when they get a fish, i mean a patient they can talk into a SCS . They will be quoting the percentages too 85% 90% , ALL pure bullshit, any doc or BS person, or anyone that gives you a percentage of success is committing Fraud in my opinion. however i hope everything work out for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WaitTillWhen View Post
    I am also looking at doing the trial (Boston Sci SCS).
    Many of these posts worry me. I wonder how many good results there are, but those people don't need to post - so we never know.
    Maybe my pain isn't severe enough for this thing.
    Ask the doc what the chance of success is , if he gives any type of dances around it, go home and call BS and ask them what the percentage is. They will telll you they do not keep track of success or failure.
    The lies get worde from there, it has to set in, it need to be implaned for a month, you just meed a reprogram. After 6 to 8 reprograms with the bs tech running into the doctors offfice telling him how ggreat it is now, and you wondering what he is talking about , because the pain has reallyu picked up and tou need to get your butt in the car and homer as soon as you can so you can take meds you cant take and drive.
    amazon, best buy all retailers send me a survey on their service, i never received a call or questionnaire from boston scientific. Seems like they just want the money and couldn't care about your outcome. Even after i called the corp hq a number of times, never got a call back, The FDA should be looking at them not the rx drug thing with pain patients.
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    This is where my ignorance steps in and my Doctor is tight lipped.
    I was only told that he thought i was a perfect candidate for one.
    he failed to mention the type nor did I know to ask.How many
    different types are there? Thanks smashms for the reply.
    PixieGirl C 567 9-30-10

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    Please let us know how it goes I was slated for a trial scs for neuropathy but I fell thrum a roof & fracutured T-11&T-12 and my pelvis 1 month before my trial date, then I found this site & read many of the posts now I am more studied about them, one gal ar work has one for sciatic pain and although it does not take away more then 50% of her pain she said her med use is also half what it was, my worry is no pain med does more then take a slight edge off I have tried them all

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    Smile trial

    Quote Originally Posted by PixieGirl View Post
    Hello Everyone...I am scheduled on the 26th of this month for a one week trial procedure for a stimulator. I was just wondering if anyone out there has any information for me regarding their own experiences or any knowledge you might have about Stimulators. Thank You to All of you who read this .
    Hi Pixie Girl,

    I had the trial and had wonderful results. There is pain at the insertion site that can not be avoided but it really did help the leg pain and loss of bladder sensation I suffer from. It did nothing for the actual back pain.

    On Valentine's day of this year they placed the permanent one and since then there has been nothing but issues. I don't know if anyone else has this issue the medtronic tech said he had never seen this occur before. But I was informed that the rechargeable battery could be recharged sitting up. Well in my case that is the one way the battery will not recharge. It is beyond frustrating and no one has come up with a reasonable alternative. The tech informed me I could walk around for 4 hours to recharge the battery about every four days. Now that would be just fantastic but who wants to walk around in public with a rather large magnent stuck to their bottom. Not to mention I can currently only tolerate walking 10 minutes on a treadmill. With no incline and very slow pace. I would really love to hear some feedback from others who have had the permanent one placed and have had a similar issue. Thanks so much and best of luck with your trial

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    Unhappy multiple opinions

    Quote Originally Posted by Oldtimer View Post
    Always, always get 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th etc. opinions before you set your own mind. It is your body, not the doctors and they have nothing to lose, you may. Please, think everything over good so you have a clear understanding. Surgery is surgery.
    I agree with Oldtime guy about multiple opinions. But here is a rub. My injury is do to a work injury. WC never seems to feel you deserve a second opinion or they wait to give an okay only after it is too late .. I hope no one else has had to have the joy of dealing with WC

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    Hello Pixie Girl! Don't see any recent posts. Wonder where you are in your journey with the SCS? How did your trial go? I am at my two week post surgery date. If anyone out there is looking for some good feed back and honesty about their trials on chronic back pain I can lead you to two blogs.
    1- mine/
    another that I read twice. 1 year ago when first advised of a SCS and again a few days ago wondering how I'm really doing.
    Please feel free to ask me any questions you can't find the answer to.

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