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Thread: Ti-Lite Evo Rigid Adjustable Chair for Sale

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    Ti-Lite Evo Rigid Adjustable Chair for Sale

    Ti-Lite Evo Rigid Adjustable Chair for Sale

    This chair was barely used for a year before we upgraded to my Ti-Lite ZR1, and now I've upgraded again to a ti-lite ZR2 so I don't need two backup titanium chairs.

    The Evo is a great chair, and in great condition. It has adjustable Caster Angles and Front and Rear Seat Heights. It also has an adjustable Center of Gravity

    Just selling the frame with soft back, and brakes. -- no wheels included. Seller to pay shipping.

    $ 350.00 OBO. Want to see it go to someone who can use it instead of hanging on my wall not doing anyone any good. Will post pics ASAP.


    Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.

    Frame Weight(excluding rear wheels): 12.9 lbs.

    Seat widths: 16

    Seat depths: 16

    Camber: 4 degree Camber

    Frame construction: Rigid

    Frame type: Ultra lightweight

    Warranty: Lifetime Limited

    Front frame angle: 85

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    Floor to seat rear?
    Floor to seat front?

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    Rear seat to floor is set at 16 1/2
    Front seat to floor is set at 18 1/2

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    Picture of the chair--sorry it's no great but it's from my cell phone. Can't find wire to upload the pictures I took with digital camera.

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