Ugh!, I used blue Loctite. I really don't even want to think about trying to get that off of 26 screws and doing it again!

About the maintenance, I got the information I posted from bike forums. I see so many views, e.g., wet, dry, teflon, silcone, none, etc.

I did not realise that you had D's IsMaisin. You have been really helpful, and I'd like to get a small group of users together to review the documentation I am putting together. Would you be up for that? IMHO, it is very needed, especially if I need to re-do 26 screws!

It would be good too see some closeups of your Icon with D's if you get the time.

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My D's have red Loctite.

For maintenance you can follow the advice for bicycle cables for cable actuated (not hydraulic) disk brakes.

For the lever, you can use anything you please - the only function is releasing tension on the cable.