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Thread: no relief for constant acid reflux

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    no relief for constant acid reflux

    i'm a c5/6 quad post injury 10 yrs. i have severe acid reflux for the past 3 yrs. i am now so severely burned in my throat that often i can barely speak. i have tried traditional prescriptions, from over the counter meds like prilosec, and others including the strongest ppi which is kapedex, just so that when the reflux occurs, the stomach acid is less acidic and burning. have gone the opposite direction amd tried natural healing remedies, aloe vera gel, apple cider vinegar, baking soda (sometimes in combination), accupuncture with chinese and japanese herbal teas, a german liquid remedy iberogast, a south african tea called matula, napolea drink for inflamation, etc. consulted about 4 ent drs and 4 gastroenterologists. followed their generic recommendations regarding which foods and beverages to avoid (none of which was ever a part of my strict diet), sleep in a hospital bed with my head elevated, and eat small meals. progressively i limited food intake which always ended with a reflux episode, so am now only have liquid nutrition drinks and baby food or soft cooked food or kefir. it is hopeless, as even any sip of water is sufficient to trigger acid errupting up into my mouth. the tests run by my last gastroenterologist (presumably the best as head of dept in best area hospital) to get the LES tightening surgery, diagnosed my condition as "neurological" with gastroparesis, so nothing could be done except small meals. as my first sip of water in the morning induces reflux, i doubt it is slow emptying of my stomach - surely after 12 hrs it has emptied. also tried the taking enzymes and betaine hcl (more acid) so the stomach can more quickly digest food so it isn't just sitting in the somach rotting and causing more bad bacteria and gas. investigated by internet and discovered that h. prylori is a stomach infection which causes acid reflux, and which no doctor ever tested for or mentionned, possibly because they have no treatment except antibiotics, which is only effective 20% of the time and which kills both the good and bad bacterial flora, so once again ruining my natural immune system. the matula tea supposedly treats h. prylori. SO IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE? either diagnosis or treatments?

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    a table spoon of raw honey before i eat helps me.
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    This sounds awful.

    First, have you started the treatments for gastroparesis? This definitely could be contributing to your symptoms. Do not poo poo this. Did you have a trial of reglan or domperidone 20 minutes before all meals, and/or other meds for gastroparesis? Do a search on here, as others have had severe gastroparesis. It can be hard to treat, but you do have some options.

    Have you seriously talked about the surgery for tightening the sphincter? From the sounds of your symptoms, I would be worried about complications (in addition to ruining your life!) like chronic esophageal injury with increased risk of cancer or reflux into your lungs that can lead to progressive lung disease.

    If you have seen that many doctors, I assume you have had endoscopies and gastric emptying studies to diagnosis your condition? With endoscopies, they usually do a biopsy to look for the H. Pylori, so I would be surprised if that hasn't been done.

    So do you have one gastroenterologist who is an expert in reflux/gastroparesis following you now? It sounds like you need to seek out the best interventional GI surgeon about whether surgery is right for you. This sounds utterly miserable.

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    Pain pills, such as Tramadol will start to give me acid reflux
    after a while. I know of other people who've had similar
    problems with prescription pain medications.

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    thanks for the responses. did forget to mention i frequently take manuka honey from new zealand which also has uniquely beneficial properties. second responder, was denied the LES surgery because he believed the gas would force itself up anyways, and would cause even bigger problems with the sphincter tightened. yes was given the gastric emptying test, with diagnosis of gastroparesis, but no biopsy for h. pylori was suggested by any of the ent's. can take reglan, but only eat 1 item at a time, and the reflux happens when drinking any water to take meds or to flush uti. is gastroparesis a frequent condition for quads? or is lack of trunk muscle control put extra gravity pressure upon all the internal digestive organs? Third response, do sometimes take methadone... can this be a causal factor? else only take baclofen, clonazepam and medical marijuana. i could understand if any of these relax the sphyncter, but what is forcefully propelling the acid upwards, against gravity, with the slightest introduction of any food or drink into the stomach? taking baking soda in water prior to anything does help somewhat.

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    I suffered from what felt like acid reflux for years...particurly at night in bed. PCP suggested an OTC Acid Reducer. It does work...but...I've found that if I put the head of my adjustable bed up about 6 inches, I don't have the symptoms anymore. I sleep on my side...

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    H. pylori is not causing this. Have you had an endoscopy done by a GI? They would always do one in a case like this, and they always take biopsies for H. pylori.

    Regardless, I am still wondering..... Do you have GI doctor now who is working with you, who is an expert in reflux and gastroparesis? Are they systematically trying treatments, carefully monitoring results? Or do you feel they have given up on you? I realize that it is nearly impossible to have one who is an expert in SCI too, and that you are a more intimidating patient because of this.

    Gastroparesis is not common with SCI, but several on this board have it. Do a search for the discussion of this. Have you religiously taken reglan 10mg 4 times a day for a week and found no benefit? Have you tried other medicines that sometimes help gastroparesis like erythromycin, tricyclic antidepressants, neurontin, or mirtazapine? Have they talked about botox injections, instead of surgery, if they think the gastroparesis is the many problem? Many may not work, but one might.

    Methadone and baclofen may contributing to "slowing down" your GI tract, but they aren't the fundamental cause of the gastroparesis.

    Where are you? It sounds like you still need more help, and at a minimum, another opinion about medications and surgery.

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    I've had GP for ten years. Do you do the no fat no fiber diet. The diet plus small meals, no food between meals, plus domperidone. has helped me allot. Sometimes ones stomach gets so irritated that anything will set it of. I have a bowl of white rice for breakfast, with milk and honey.(1 percent) H pylori will make your stomach less acidic.
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    I had the surgery and it helped lessen the acid reflux, didn't fully yake it away though and i'm also a C-6 quad.

    Everyone is different with acid reflux, but for me the by far biggest key is to not allow myself to get really hungry. When my stomach is empty and is growling for food, my reflux goes through the roof to the point even my back and armpits will burn.

    I was told that yogurt is good for reflux, so whenever i feel myself getting hungry at all between meals i snack on yogurt or will eat some ice cream. I eat about 10-15 yogurts a week. Before bed i always eat something.

    With meals, i need calories or i get reflux. So i tend to eat high calories meals, but for health reasons, i'll eat something healthy with the meal. Say i eat a big meatloaf sandwich for supper, i'll eat an apple first before the sandwich. In the end though, being full is key for me

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    Gall bladder caused mine.........its gone been great since .

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