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Thread: Dr. Young...2.5 million enough?

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    Dr. Young...2.5 million enough?


    I know this has been somewhat disscused before but...

    In your thread "My recent trip to china" there was, at my last count 25 people interested in going to China.

    In other threads the same or different number of people have expressed interest in Dr.Lima...

    My question is...

    If we...the 25 and myself...started a Organization that was going to fund a OEG/OEC trial and then pitched 100,000 USD each, would that be enough to do something.


    Do you
    or anyone you know personaly, have the time to do such a trial if the money was there.

    Also if the Organization's members were not involved in the trial at all would this eliminate conflict of intrest?

    I can't speak for anyone else but I would use my stash of cash for something like this instead of Lima or Huyang.

    Also would it be cheaper to run such a trial in Canada?

    Do you know any Canadian clinitians that might be interested?

    I need some thing to happen in North America with humans would be the boost I need to make it through another agonizing decade woops its only been a year.
    I don't know how some of you guys do it...but I love you for it. Cause I can't qiute if there is still a guy running beside me!
    and all the rest...THANK YOU!

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    The main obstacle to a clinical trial of OEG transplantation in the United States is the source of the cells. I have not yet seen credible data indicating that nasal mucosa transplants would regenerate the spinal cord. This is of course what is being done in Lima and those results should be forthcoming. Brisbane has not released the information on culturing of OEG cells from the nasal mucosa yet. I hope that they will do so soon. So, the only source of cells would be fetal olfactory bulb which Huang is using in Beijing. Getting fetal cells in the United States may be problematical.

    However, I do want to point out that there is one group in the United States that actually transplanted human fetal tissue into people with chronic spinal cord injury. This is of course the University of Florida at Gainesville trial with fetal spinal cord transplants. Ed Wirth was the head of the team. The team that did this moved about two years ago to St. Luke Presbyterian Hospital in Chicago. I think that if there is any team that has the experience and the interest in doing this, this would be it. they published the results in 2001.

    Douglas K. Anderson, Edward D. Wirth, Richard G. Fessler, et al., Journal of Neurotrauma , Vol. 18, pp. 911-945 (2001).


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