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Thread: Free Financial Services Career Training for people with SCI

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    Free Financial Services Career Training for people with SCI

    Seeking employment in 2012? Raise Hope Foundation, is training, mentoring, and placing people with disabilities (specifically mobility impairments), including vets with disabiltiies, for competitive careers in the financial services industry. It is a FREE 14-week program, one day per week, run out of an accessible classroom at Rutgers Business School in Newark. All of the trainees from the first class that just ended in December have job interviews being lined up. Anyone interested out there? There are just eight more slots to fill.
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    I would be happy to share my experience with financial services training program offered through Raise Hope Foundation, whose first training session launched this past September. I was among the first group of trainees.

    The Foundation's inception has an interesting back story and centers around Scott Chesney, its executive director. Scott, who became paralyzed in the mid-80s, is a New Jersey resident and is well known to many of us in the New York-New Jersey area. Scott enjoys a national and reputation as well from the monthly "Ask the Coach" column he authored for United Spinal's Action magazine as well as through his work and travels as an "ambassador" with the Dana and Christopher Reeve Foundation. Best known perhaps for his work as sought after motivational speaker, I was introduced to Scott a few years ago as a participant in a personal growth program he led, which was sponsored by the SCI outreach program at Mount Sinai Medical Center. It was around this time that the seeds for Raise Hope Foundation were being planted.

    Through a series of personal relationships and contacts with professionals in the financial services industry, an opportunity was conceived to recruit and offer training specifically for persons with disabilities, with an emphasis on those with paralysis. The training offered through Raise Hope Foundation is divided into work-life balance training, conducted by Scott, and a broad-based introduction to finance and financial services, which is taught (pro bono) by an industry veteran.

    The human resources departments at most if not all of the major banking and brokerage companies have programs to encourage and develop diversity among their ranks, including persons with disabilities (though that representation is probably low). Part of the mission of Raise Hope Foundation is to broaden its contacts within the industry and educate them to the opportunity and value of hiring workers with mobility disabilities. Prudential, an industry giant whose home base is located in Newark, New Jersey, has expressed interest in meeting the graduates of the training. I hope to share my own success story there in the weeks to come. For now, stay tuned.

    The training is provided at no cost to the participants, who are reimbursed as well for travel expenses to the Rutgers Business School, where the program is presently located. (I commuted from Manhattan by mass transit, which a combination of taking the NYC subway and NJ Transit – about an hour each way.)

    Opportunities like this don't present themselves too often. I would encourage anyone who's interested to Scott directly for more information ( The next training session is scheduled to begin mid-March.

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    I'd be interested if I lived near Rutgers. I'm just north of Albany, NY.

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