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Thread: accessible vehicle

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    accessible vehicle

    I am looking for some type of vehicle where I don't have to drive from my chair and I don't want to have to have a ramp. Something that is somewhat easy to load my chair into. Currently I have a 2 door car and trail blazer I dismantle my chair a lift it over me. Shoulders are starting to hurt, I just don't want a van with a ramp but need to find something easier. Any ideas....

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    Take a look at this

    I may not get one but this may be something others are interested in.

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    I've seen several small trucks with lifts mounted in the bed that puts your chair in the bed once you've transfered into the driverseat. They look good in my opinion.

    The trucks that I've seen had manual chairs in them.
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    Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon extended cab 2wd (for low height) is not a bad transfer. With the suicide rear doors it's easy to load behind the seat. I think you can get a simple hoist that can pull a folding chair in behind you. I don't know if there's enough width for a solid frame.

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    Thats cool, now i want to build one.

    Anyone want me to build them a lowered floor limo or street rod with a ramp?
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    Mazda 5 whith a speedy lift. Economical car and fast in and out.

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    Have you considered a mini van with a sliding door on the drivers side? I know a guy (para) that has one and he jumps into the drivers seat, swings his chair in behind him and is gone before you blink.
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    I have a 2011 F150

    Here is a video from the summer. It's pretty great. The transfer seat is by adapt solutions. The cap lift and arm are Bruno. It's pretty great.

    If you want anymore info please let me know.


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    Quote Originally Posted by handiman View Post
    Mazda 5 whith a speedy lift. Economical car and fast in and out.

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