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Thread: could this be sci?

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    could this be sci?

    Yesterday a friend of a friend's son was in a bad car accident. He has several broken bones whichis understandable but they say he is bleeding in his spine. For this reason they are putting of surgery until they can control this bleeding. He was on the way to class(College) in a rain storm and lost control of his car. Is the spinal bleeding very serious? Can this cause spinal injury? He is in so much pain especially since part of his hip/leg had to be pushed out of his pelvis,

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    Are you sure they said spinal bleeding, or actually spinal cord bleeding?

    Bleeding [u]inside[/] the cord would be a bad thing, and could definitely lead to spinal cord damage. It is actually not an uncommon cause of spinal cord injury related to trauma. Bleeding around the cord inside the spinal canal (a spinal cord hematoma) can compress the cord as well, but usually these types of bleeds require surgery to prevent this compression and control the bleeding.

    He should be provided with sufficient pain medication to control his acute pain at this time. It is not acceptable to not provide sufficient control for this.


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    spine bleeding is serious. It sounds like he is in good hands for now.
    Be strong!

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