We need his message more than ever and luckily for us he left one in his 1998 production of `Rear Window his remake of Hitchcock's classic. Reeve plays the vent dependent SCI architect who suspects a murder in an apartment across the way. Superbly acted and produced, known in part for CR,s insistence on actually having his breathing tube cut its a finely crafted work.
But it's especially important for the SCI community, especially quads. He intended it to be educational-and more importantly to be a message of hope,a message that to many at the time was an exercise in egotistic illusion making-a message the character stubbornly rejects as his friends and ex-wife insist that he simply accept his condition.
No-the cure has not come yet but to those of us who have tracked the search for a cure over the last decade the shear volume and quality of research is surely reason for hope.CR never gave up . We need to channel
his courage-and shear stubbornness.
This is the one movie that everyone in the SCI community should see-and discuss. A real community is sustained by a shared vocabulary, body of ideas, and shared cultural referents.
I suggest that everyone see it and post a response. It,s available at Amazon ($2.90) and elsewhere.
Let's live with Passion and Panache.