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Thread: Part of my toenail is not growing with the rest of it

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    Unhappy Part of my toenail is not growing with the rest of it

    Okay so firstly thank you for looking at this . Okay so my problem is my outer part of both my big toes are numb and the toenail is not growing with the rest of it and it is beginning to worry me... It all started around holloween I was working in a haunted house as frankinstien and I was wearing 6in. Platform shoes... I was doing Lot of running around in the so I might have stubbed my toe I wAsent paying mug attention because I was trying to stay in character. So I was just wondering if any one out there can help me figure out what may be goiń on with it... If any one knows anything about this please let me know

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cpio1989 View Post
    What is an sci?
    Spinal Cord Injury

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    this site is for people with sci and other related conditions.

    You may have injured the cuticle and the place that looks like a half moon under the nail, and that is where your nail is formed. I have a finger that was smashed and the nail grows out thinner and slower on one side. Eventually the slow side will catch up and you then trim the nail accordingly, but you may have to trim only the side that grows faster, than the other more often.

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    Did you ever find out what the problem is? I've been experiencing the same thing.

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