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Thread: Acting Classes

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    Acting Classes

    Yeah, I know, it's silly for an old man to sign up for a two day acting class taught by an experienced actor and member of the Academy of Dramatic Arts.

    Never been on stage, but the idea of it all piqued my interest. My wife just rolled her eyes, "Go for it old man."

    Do not have a clue where this acting thing will lead, but I am gung ho for the ride. I have no aspirations of becoming the next George Cloony. But, then again I have one up on him, he doesn't use a chair--that's his loss.
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    I think that's great! Hope you enjoy every minute of the class.

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    You'll love it.
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    I'm still involved in theatre, and it's great. There's so many amazing things that happen on stage. Have fun!!!

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    I think it's great Waza. I've often thought of doing the same. Good luck!
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    having gotten involved with the theater crowd as a struggling playwright,
    I think you will love it. Is that by chance Dewy Scott Riley you are referring to? She has done some really great things at USC- Aiken and here in Columbia.
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    For years I've wanted to act, it looks like fun. I took some improv comedy classes, not enough to learn, but I enjoyed them.

    Have a good time and you don't know where it will lead. There are many actors who started later in life. Ah heck, just have fun. :-)

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    Good for you! I second your wife-go for it old man.
    Keep us posted.

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    Well it could lead you to become a liberal.
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    SCI55, the instructor is Janis Powell from New York. She Has a BFA from U of Texas (yes, there iare fine arts in Texas). She has worked in theater, film and directed for 40 years.

    Leschinsky, you put a shudder up my useless spine with your comment about becoming a liberal. Won't happen, but I will embrace any liberals who attend the class. I was told there would be one other chair user in the class of 22 folks.

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