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Thread: Paraplegic sportbike modification and racing

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    Paraplegic sportbike modification and racing

    I am creating this thread in an effort to see just how many people would really be interested in modifying some sportbikes and then taking them to infineon or thunderhill. Probably just recreational track time, but could just as easily be some serious racing for prizes and notoriety too. I have wanted to get back on my bike since I was lying in the hospital post injury, I would have ridden my baby home from the hospital if I could have. And ever since I have been trying to figure out a way to get back on a bike. I have managed to put my bike all back together, but because of a dead ass and feet I can't shift my unmodified bike. Due to my inability to work either I am financially destitute so i'm thinking that the only way I will ever be able to ride again is if i can find enough other like minded people to form a club. Im hoping that if enough people are interested that we can pool our knowledge, experience, and resources and find some sponsors and put together a few bikes that we could then take to a track for some competetive fun. Although obviously this idea is still in it's infancy, I'll bet if we can get enough members that we could persuade some local businesses to sponsor us. I'm thinking that if enough of us really want to ride, that through agroup effort we should be able to make it a reality. I was searching online and found several devices that are being sold that would enable us to shift and brake using our hands instead of our feet.

    So do you want to ride? post up, Do you want to donate a bike or some gear? post up. Do you know someone that would like to sponsor us? post up. Do you have some cash that you would like to donate? post up. Do you have some parts we can use? post up. Do you have friends that would like to help? post up. Are you good at organizing or have experience setting up a nonprofit? post up. Do you own a racetrack we could use? post up. Are you an experienced paramedic? post up. Do you have any good fundraising ideas? post up. Do you get the idea so that I can stop typing examples of ways that everyone that wants to can be involved? post up. Do you think my idea is stupid? shut up......

    I still have my 1987 ZX750 F1 collecting dust in my garage and I have no problem throwing her into the mix to convert into our first paraready bike.

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    a friend of mine has a non profit for adaptive MX, I think he is setting his road bike up as well. I bet Tim would be interested.

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    Hey Mike have you checked out 'The Bike Experience' ? Google them as I had no luck trying to cut/paste the web site. I have spoken to Talan and he's a great guy with a good head on his shoulders. I've had several bikes since my injury but all with sidecars and last one was Canam Spyder, just not the same as 2 wheels! I thought about setting something up here but everyone shot it down thanks to the liability bs.
    It's very doable and I would for one be glad to help you if you move forward with something.
    Need coffee,
    roller, out

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