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Thread: New C incomplete

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    Thanks for your answers! I will see what happens and start moving on from there.

    Rehabilition might get postponed because the damage is stil increasing. But will talk about that with my surgeon next week.

    I talked to a neurologist and my surgeon today and they will discus my case which is really good to hear that I'm getting a lot of attention from specialists. But they both agree and have the following conclusion.

    - The damage increased. And that this is really weird and not what they expected
    - They believe according to the latest MRI that there is enough room in my neck around the spinal cord
    - They think that the increase of the damage is still going on because of the past compression altough the compression is gone. And that it might stop anytime.
    - They are 90% sure that they can't fix anything more with surgery
    - The 10% what they want to shut out is that there is something else going like a tumor or MS. But they both also agree that that is most likely not the case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nick947 View Post

    What I'm saying is.. regardless of what happens, you have a rich life ahead of you. Don't think about what you can't do, start thinking about what you CAN do. Eventually you may find some things you once did aren't as important anymore, because what you are doing is.
    wise words

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    A small update...

    I've had 2 tests done today:

    - They checked if my spine was stable with x-ray photo's.
    - I've had another MRI with contrast liquid(?).

    My surgeon called and said that there is nothing wrong with the stability of my spine. What concerns him is that there seems to be an infection in the area that has been decompressed and that is causing damage to the spinal cord.

    He asked the radiologist to also look at the MRI and they both don't think it is MS or a tumor but they are looking for answers and a solution.

    Does anybody have / had a similiar situation with an infection? And how they made the infection go away? Just a long shot, I know you are no surgeons

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    Do you mean that this infection (probably an abscess) is compressing your cord? Decompressed means that the abscess has been drained or removed, so unless you had surgery to do this, that is unlikely.

    Spinal cord abscesses can indeed cause spinal cord damage. The abscess is usually outside the cord itself, usually within the meninges but the bulk of the abscess pocket can compress and ultimately damage the cord.

    Have you had a recent infection or traumatic injury? Are you diabetic? An IV drug abuser? Those are the most common origins of a spinal cord abscess. If you have one, and it is still compressing your cord, it should be surgically drained immediately. The longer the compression lasts, the less likely that you will get return once it is decompressed. This is usually an emergency surgery.


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    No at least that's not what I got out of the phone call. Maybe I'm explaining myself a bit wrong because English is not my first language.

    I've had surgery 5 months ago on my c4-c5-c6 section because of stenosis & mylopathy. They decompressed the spinal cord. And on the MRI 3 months ago it showed there is enough room but that I do have spinal cord injury due to the stenosis.

    Last week I've had a check up MRI because of complaints and it showed an increase in spinal cord damage in the area where the decompression has been done. But they couldn't figure out what may cause it. But my surgeon thought it still might have to do with the decompression and how my body reacts.

    So today I've had another MRI with the contrast liquid and my surgeon called and told me that he can see there is some sort of infection (I don't know how or what he has seen in the MRI with the contrast liquid).

    I guess an abscess should be noticed on the MRI scan right?

    I've had no recent infection that I know of. No trauma. No diabetic. No IV drug abuser. Don't have any meds at all. I have no high temperature as well.
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