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Thread: GUESS WHAT almost 7 years out NEW Return

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    GUESS WHAT almost 7 years out NEW Return

    SO, I got another return over the weekend. Thank you God. Motor nerves still functioned on the right but sig weaker, spastic, drop foot etc, than the left leg.......NOW I walk without the limp and my hips are back in the "normal" position. Full stide when taking a step. I can feel my legs when the muscles contract, for 6 years haven't felt a thing. I can feel when I am contracting my butt and I can feel my lower back!! So, happy, can't wait to see how eveything works altogether now.

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    Wow, that is a huge return, how wonderful!

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    Thanks, lots of super hard work and lots of luck too. Hope this encourages others to try diff things within their own exercise programs to use the same muscle groups in diff combo ways if possible. There is always a modification......

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    Well, you have certainly inspired me to try some new approaches and ways of thinking! Thank you!

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    05, can you please share more on your story and therapy/exercise program? have you always been incomplete?

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    Awesome news! I hope it continues to get better and better for you!

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    Congrats....I am very happy for you!
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    I was hurt in MVA in '05.Had no feeling /movement for 10days. Went to rehab floor from ICU and they did the pinprick test and I could feel that, so incomplete.Started therapy, did all the exercises I could on my own in between therapy sessions.Went home after a month, they adviesed for me to go to Philly for the specialty sci center there, decicded to stay with my fam. Everyday did more till I could walk without the walker (used to baby stoller instead) and kept on.Got into the pool bout 3 months after accident, got most of my returns then.Plateaued, had a surgery to take out rods.Back rebroke, caused 2 more SCI on surgery in '06, started rehabbing again, changed up the routine to include diff types of weight training, got back my hip flexor was able to try and start walk/jog, Started to plateau changed the workout again, and got back these two returns. If you would like more details, type of workouts, etc, just pm me. Good luck everyone and thanks for the well wishes

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