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Thread: What People Will Think

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Madsen View Post
    Man, it sounds like you have a great boss and supervisor.You are blessed for sure.

    It's been a good journey watching you since you first came here WG. I for one, am very proud of your tenacity and accomplsiments. Way to go on getting back to work. It'll all work out.

    Yes, my boss and supervisor are wonderful and I feel very fortunate and lucky to have the job that I do and the support that comes with it.

    Thanks for the kind words, it sure has been a long journey, but the support has been overwhelming at times

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    I am a walking quad, I use a staff to walk with for balance. I don't walk very good at all and I walk VERY slow. I guess it depends on the work environment u work in but mine is very laid back, I am in sales. I will hold an arm of a work associate for many instances ie walk to bathroom, walk to lunch etc. everyone I work with knows me and my story about how I obtained my SCI so they r more than willing to help me out. Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheeliegirl2010 View Post
    Hey Everyone!

    As you may have seen, I have started walking again and will be starting to walk at work right away. I'm super nervous. Not about saftey or anything, but what people (co-workers) will think. The only people from work who have seen me walk with my walker are my boss and my supervisor and they are really excited about it and have been supportive and encouraging of the whole thing. I guess I just don't want to look dependent for lack of better way to explain it. For the most part, I am independent in the chair. Walker I am, but not fully yet. I also am kind of self-concious about the way I walk because it doesn't look "normal".

    I don't know what I'm even asking... I'm just nervous.
    don't give a damn what ppl will think. it's your body, your life. i'm just trying to convince myself of this after 26 yrs. (and yeah, that includes advice from here. you know best what feels right). i hope for the best for you. i think most are here to offer support and i also think this site does a good job of that.
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    you're hot jimmy!

    I walk funny but forgot about it, occasionally if i stumble someone will offer a hand but just glad to be walking.

    fortunatley spent only a short ime in a chair while my reconstruction was healing, then could walk the house but when I had to go out needed a chair or walker.



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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Lin View Post
    What kind of job do you have? That's really amazing that you have so much support at the workplace!
    Isn't it? I work in a call centre.

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    I am experiencing that same joy. Glad to know that I am not the only one and I am just walking with a cane and i feel the eyes. Oh well I figure if they make any remarks I will just wack them with my cane like any other "old lady"!

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    umm.. i don't think it is appropriate for your boss to be helping you walk at work. i know this is important to you, but it feels like it's crossing the line for some reason....
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    It sounds like the situation could become very emotionally loaded, with displacement behaviors on your boss' part - e.g. his warning about halt time. The dual levels of relating that you and your boss are trying to negotiate (employer/employee, helper/helpee) could get really sticky for both of you. If you're comfortable with your superviser, maybe it would be a good idea to stick with her for the walking experiences.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crypticgimp View Post
    umm.. i don't think it is appropriate for your boss to be helping you walk at work. i know this is important to you, but it feels like it's crossing the line for some reason....
    I agree. While I think its great that management is willing to support you this way, it seems to be creating the potential for serious boundary violations and other problems for you down the road. By "boundary violations" I mean the professional space that ideally should exist between an employee and management. Every workplace will be a bit different when it comes to the shape of that space, of course. But it really does need to exist. Your description of being reprimanded, however gently, for time off the phone sounds like those boundaries might already have become a bit blurred for you.

    I work at a university and I have to admit that my direct supervisor has really bent over backwards in terms of providing me with workplace accommodations. And while I am very grateful for that, as it has allowed me to stay employed when I otherwise wouldn't be able to work, I really have tried to keep my job accommodations reasonable for both me and my supervisor. That has meant rejecting some of the help I have been offered, because I really want to make sure that my requests really are necessary to fulfill my employment tasks. My boss was a bit taken aback, and maybe even a bit hurt, when I told him some of the accommodations he was willing to offer me weren't really necessary to do my job. But in the end, it's been better for our professional relationship that way.

    You might want to consider what your needs are at work really are. I think your co-worker booking off her own phone from time to time to help you physically do something your can't because of your shoulder might be reasonable. But I don't know that your supervisors helping you walk is reasonable. I am not trying to bash you or discourage you. I think its awesome that you are working and it sounds like you are a valued and important employee. I would just hate to see things get unnecessarily complicated due to your supervisors helping you walk.
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