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Thread: Surgical glue?

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    Surgical glue?

    I had baclofen pump revision surgery on 12/29 and they used some surgical glue-type stuff instead of stitches or staples on my incisions. I've never had the glue before. For those of you who have experienced this glue stuff before, does it come off on its own? I have a "pulling" sensation when I move, is that normal? Is it normal for the area to be itchy? I don't see my surgeon's nurse til wednesday, only reason why I'm asking on here. Thanks, M.

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    The pulling sensation is normal, your wound is healing underneath and likely there are stitches underneath as well. The glue just stays there while the skin heals and over 7-10 days your skin should heal and the glue will start to separate a bit. It might fall off bit by bit on its own or stay put until you are seen by your surgeon post-op. The itching is normal for healing as well as for the glue drying the skin it comes in contact with. Try not to bother it while it is doing its job. Follow the post op directions they should have given you, and its ok to call your doctor's office tomorrow if you want some reassurance.

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    Agree with above responses.


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    I'm fairly certain that the glue is just your basic quick cure cyanoacrylate adhesive(super glue). Although it probably has to go through slightly different quality control testing to insure it's purity and sterility, although I can not guarantee even that.

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    It is similar to super glue. And yes, all the reactions you are having are normal.

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    Just like nautical Mike and the nurses it's a medical grade cyanoacrylate, a very Very super glue. I have used it, rather it's been used on me a few different times and yes it does itch underneath and around. The glue does come off by itself.
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