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Thread: Trying to get off baclofen

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    Okay if I listened and was patient it's not that bad! I was at 30mg pain was decreasing now I'm at 7.5 mg x 3 and butt pain is best it's been for months.

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    Congrats. That was actually pretty fast.
    How do you get a 7.5 mg dose from those 10 mg pills – I had a hard time breaking ¼ / 2.5 mg off the 10 mg pills, consistently.
    How will you move forward from here?
    I've read that you should start feeling stronger without the baclofen…

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    Pretty good pill cutter.Thursday I will do 5 x 3 then I'm thinking 5 x2 or 2.5 x3 for the next drop.

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    The pills I get are football shaped, and crumble; that's what makes them hard to cut consistently.

    Keep us posted on your progress, all the best.

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    Just take your time - there is no big rush!

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    I started 5x3 on Thursday morning spasms were up for a good couple hours then they were back to normal. That evening my hip pain and general butt pain best it has been!!pain is about a 1 or a 2 out of 10. As I'm decreasing my pain is getting better....

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    My son has been off baclofen now for about 5 weeks. He is significantly stronger and better coordinated. . He has some spasisity but works through it with exercise. When He had a pump that was running up at 350. While it helped greatly with the pain in his calves, he did have trouble walking and psych problems when he was on baclofen. His withdrawal was tough more psychologically than physically. Not certain why you want to get off the stuff....but for my son, there has been a vast improvement to his strength and even his mood (dispite periods of servere depression. My best wishes to you.

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    are you still weaning yourself off Baclofen? It's turning out being the best decision my son made. He's geting in shape. Saw him doing crunches with his brother the other day. Would neve have thought it possible. As he becomes stronger and more coordinated his mood is also improving. He is doing an hour of stretching a day

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    I've been off since Saturday feel alot stronger little morning spasms but that's it. The biggest difference is my core is alot stronger now which will make independence easier. Im a c4-c5 asia c

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    That's fantastic that you are improving. Not certain if it's just with my son or a common occurance, but my son had very bad psychological withdrawal for almost a month once he was off baclofen. He is largely done with that now. He is exercising regularly now and it is amazing how he is improving. Best of luck to you.

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