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    Hi, I'm new here. I have a T10/11 SCI. My feet stay so swollen. I sometimes wear my compression hose but just wondered if anyone else has issues with swelling like this.

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    I have poor circulation in my lower extremities due to vascular disease compounded by heart failure. Compression hose, limiting salt intake, and lying down all help. For exercise I ride a recumbent race bike which helps as well as circulation improves lying nearly flat. Have to be careful with compression hose, can't be too tight or worn constantly.

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    Common for all. After staying in bed - night time? put compression hose on before getting up and keep on while up.

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    I usually do not elevate feet that much, but fell a few week back and broke my left leg just below the knee. The Dr. asked me to elevate it really high. My husband found it easier to do both legs and it was amazing at how much swelling was gone the next morning. Thanks so much for the recommendations!

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    Yes, I've always had problems with swollen feet. Even though they don't stop the problem happening altogether, compression stockings certainly help keep the swelling down to a certain extent.

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