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Thread: Trying to get off baclofen

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    Wheelin...are you still off baclofen?

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    Why are you getting off Baclofen all together?

    the thing i find with Baclofen is you need to get the right need it to keep the spasm's away...but have enough's a catch 22

    i take 10mg in the morning and 10mg at night...I find that if I take more my legs muscles become weaker and i can't stand, if I take less my muscles are stronger but the tightness and spasms come back...and I can't stand either because the spasms make it you need to find that sweet spot...i would not recommend you go off them completely...if u have spinal cord injury even if you didn't have when you started you will have some spasms...going off Baclofen, you'll get spams....if you can tolerate the spasms and the spasms doesn't interfere with walking, standing then go for it.... otherwise don't make it worse for yourself...spasms are one thing but that tightness is another thing...

    If you butt is sore it might be an idea to go to a seating clinic to do some adjusting...
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    Still off and not going back on again

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    good go, hope you're feelin better

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    Wheelin...that is great...I think you and my son are the only ones I heard have be able to get off baclofen...his withdrawal was so bad we were tempted to tell him to take oral took him a month to get through it...but he is considerably better off today then when he was on the drug
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    I feel great ! Energy is up and back to being fully independent and my pain level is great!! Biggest area where my strength has come back is my core muscles.

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    I take 80mg a day. 20mg x4
    I ride my fes bike 2 days on 1 day off and stand for over an hour everyday and my spasms are still bad. I didnt know about dropping down in low doses so for 2 weeks I went to 60mg a day. The only difference I noticed was worse spasms, increased tone, and the slight movement I have was stronger.
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    To be clear about baclofen I didn't have spasms before I took it. I took it to help my bladder and to reduce a little tone. I feel the way I did 10 months ago " before" I took baclofen.

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    I have been on baclofen for over a yr. now at 30mg doses 3 times a day. I missed my medication one morning and while doing my daily walker exercise I noticed my legs had added strength, which allowed me to walk 3 times as far as I normally do. Yes my legs were stiffer and I'm feeling a little weird, shortness of breath, a little anxity. Today I had my wife only give me 20mg dosage instead of the 30mg. After reading these post's it clear that I shouldn't start reduceing meds without doctors advice, however if you only new how tuff it is to see the Dr. Appts are sometimes 3 months out. I have had 2 major back operations in the last yr. the second operation has left me with new weekness on top of old weakness. My therapy is 4 times a week threw a local jr. college I've been working on all that I should be working on with little results. After walking with walker 3 times as far.....has given me some much needed hope. Any advice would be helpful.

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    My son has CP. He has been completely off baclofen for two months now. When he was on the stuff, he couldn't walk. Today he is able to walk with assistance behind a walker. His spasticity is fully under control from his stretching exercises. (he's been exercising 2 to 3 hours a day for the last month). My guess is that within a month, he will be able to walk without assitance. And the best part, is his mood has improved dramatically. It is truely a blessing get off the drug.

    Now here is the bad news. He had a huge problem getting off the baclofen....not physicially, but mentally he was a mess....beyond what we could have imagined. So if you are going to try to get off the stuff, you may need lots of help with potential psych problems. We were lucky we had a good psychiatrist who believed my sons mental problems were related to the baclofen. Everyone is different, and you may not encounter psych problems getting off the stuff. Good luck and God help you.
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