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Thread: Trying to get off baclofen

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    Trying to get off baclofen

    I was Trying to get off 60 mg of baclofen that i have been on for 7 months a little to quick I guess. I was off it in 3 days last Friday(6th) morning was my last dose. No blood pressure issues at all but Friday and Saturday more butt pain and spasms I have ever had and I don't really get spams or pain( before baclofen) just muscle tightness. After about 2 hours of sleep Friday and Saturday night I took 5 mgs this morning so I can atleast' function properly.Any suggestions to try and make this a smother exit off baclofen from now?

    Thx mike

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    My son is on a baclofen pump...the dosage was reduced from 350 to about 125 when he was in the hospital. He went into a coma and came out of it when they cut back on the baclofen. We started weaning hm off the 100 dosage in early november. When the doctor reduced the dosage in inccrements of 10, he did fine. But the withdrawal was ugly when they reduced it by 25mgs...he will be off the stuff when the baclofen in the catheter is gone in about a week. So baed on my son, I would be careful cutting back so quick. Why are you getting off Baclofen?

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    Baclofen withdrawal is not a fun thing to go through. It landed me in the ER back in October. Make sure your doctor is closely monitoring you while you're being weaned off of it. The withdrawal symptoms can be life threatening. Typically they'll cut your dose by 5mg at a time over days/weeks, depending on how much you're on. Better to take it slowly than risk some bad withdrawal symptoms.

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    The biggest challenge of geting off baclofen is to reduce the medication slowly and in small amounts. I suggest reducing by 5mg every 3-4 days. I know this seems slow but I have seen people get very ill when cut down too fast. You also need to have your clinician be the one to monitor the schedule of titration down, as they would be familiar with your medical history.


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    I have been on baclofen for over a yr. now at 30mg doses 3 times a day. I missed my medication one morning and while doing my daily walker exercise I noticed my legs had added strength, which allowed me to walk 3 times as far as I normally do. Yes my legs were stiffer and I'm feeling a little weird, shortness of breath, a little anxity. Today I had my wife only give me 20mg dosage instead of the 30mg. After reading these post's it clear that I shouldn't start reduceing meds without doctors advice, however if you only new how tuff it is to see the Dr. Appts are sometimes 3 months out. I have had 2 major back operations in the last yr. the second operation has left me with new weekness on top of old weakness. My therapy is 4 times a week threw a local jr. college I've been working on all that I should be working on with little results. After walking with walker 3 times as far.....has given me some much needed hope. Any advice would be helpful.

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    I'm getting off it as I took it for relieve of stiffness and relax my bladder.
    Before baclofen stiffness was a 4 out of 10 and pain was 0-1 out of 10. Now those numbers are reversed . It worked great in the beginning but I felt better before I started taking it. Making my butt hypersensitive tuff to sleep.

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    How are you doing with baclofen and spasms? My sons bgetting off it and his tone returned. We have been trying stretching exercises.

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    Its Been 1 day completely off spasticity is gone but huge increase in pain (butt), hopefully this stops soon.

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    biggest issue for my son is psych problems associated with the withdrawal...depression and parniod

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    i was taking 20mg 3x day.(8am,4pm,bedtime)..i first stopped the 4pm dose...then i broke the night pill in half..then the am pill in half also...then stopped the eve pill, then the am pill...i probably went a good week or 2 between each dose cut(maybe slower than needed, but played it safe)...i would seemed tighter when missing the dose, but everything balanced out.....ive been off for over a year well as everything else!....i take a 1000mg vitamin c and a multi vit..and THATS IT!
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