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Thread: How do I get my live-in out

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    How do I get my live-in out


    I have an issues. I need 24/7 care. I got a new sls 6 mo ago. I
    like them much bettter. About 6 weekss ago to my dislike aand mos
    of fight it I got a live-in. I live by myself for 6 years.Due to funding on
    there end I must have a live-in.

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    I agree, have a new one scheduled and see than have the old one move out. While you want to give them some time to move out, in case there are hard feelings make sure your new caregiver (or some support) is available when you let them know.

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    My first suggestion is to get some one to help you. This person could be anyone. This person could be a family member, the nurse at your primary doctors office, your next door neighbor, a social worker, a friend...

    Even though you need 24/7 care, are you never apart from your caregiver? This person has the potential to make you very isolated and hard to screen replacements. You are right in that a live in is the right way to go but the problem is in finding the right live in. Reach out wherever you can. Keep in mind that the right person may require some training related to your personal needs. Every SCI patient is unique and time spent training the right person is time well spent.--eak
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