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Thread: New Injury C3-6

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    New Injury C3-6

    i am in jeddah, here my father met an accident and have spinal cord injury from c3 to down c6.. he is on ventillator and can not be able to move..
    doctors are saying that there is no remedy for that.. i am very worried here..
    please help me via answer me regarding the cure from this disease for my father..

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    Welcome to CareCure!

    I assume you father actually fractured his vertebrae at C3-6. What is his actually neurologic injury? The doctors should be able to tell you his ASIA or ISNCSCI exam results. It is very important that his exam be done now, and then periodically during his recovery from the injury.

    Currently there is no legitimate cure for spinal cord injury. Much research is being done, but there is really nothing that is working yet. You can read much more about this in our Cure forum here.

    It will be critical for your father to get care from a major and specialty spinal cord injury center. Many people with cervical spinal cord injuries are initially on a ventilator. If his injury level is actually C4 or below, it is likely he will eventually be weaned or removed from the ventilator.

    While there is no cure, there is much that your father can learn by going through a specialty acute inpatient spinal cord injury rehabilitation program. This would enable him to return home with his family, although probably using a wheelchair and needing assistance from caregivers. Depending on your resources, this may mean getting him care out of the country. I know that many Saudis have come to the USA and European centers for their acute rehabilitation. I don't believe there is such a center in your country.

    Please come back and ask questions. We can help.


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    spinal cord injury

    sorry for replying you so late
    Thank you so much for your reply, if possible give me your email address so i can send you the reports of my father, through which you will know more about my father.

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    Sorry to know about ur father Mehwish. I am sure you will get the answers of all ur questions here. God bless ur father.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mehwish habib View Post
    sorry for replying you so late
    Thank you so much for your reply, if possible give me your email address so i can send you the reports of my father, through which you will know more about my father.
    If you don't want to post anything on this forum, then send a Private Message to the SCI-Nurses here and we can help you there. Attachments are not allowed on PMs though.


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    spinal cord injury

    no.. there is no problem in postin here.. actually i wanted to send some reports of my father, so you can easily understand it..
    so where can i send them ?
    waiting for your reply..

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    spinal cord injury

    so how can i send the reports..
    if The forum knows any neurosugeon, who has faced these type of cases.
    kindly inform me..

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    In the meantime you can obtain much information to your questions if you search / read the forums on this site
    There is much education here ...

    As for Neurosurgeons it is hard because what do you want to do ? Relocate to USA ?
    If you Both come to the States we can refer Neurosurgeons and great rehab facilities etc... but I personally do not know much about your Geographical location and alternatives over there .
    I wish your Dad good health and comfort in his healing .
    Sincerely ;

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    Please just summarize here the information from the reports about which you have questions. There is really no one available to read thorugh all his medical records, and we would still need to know just what it is that you need to know.


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    Thank you so much..
    I will surely look into that sites..
    my currently location is Saudi arabia, (Jeddah).. you can google it to know more about it..
    Actually here, the care is no doubt is very good but they are doing the normal routine since 2 and half months, so there are no changings in his condition.
    that is why i am searching hospitals and neurosurgeons around the world.
    if any body will help.. it would be very helpful for me.

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