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Thread: Do you have a Nook?

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    Do you have a Nook?

    If so does anyone know how to share books and magazines with others?

    If you know how, would you be interested in sharing books?
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    I use a Kindle. One way to share is using Dropbox. Another way is the library--ours has started allowing downloads of e-books.
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    I download for free ... it's not illegal ... yet!

    I'll pay if it's really an author or book I want ... like I buy the Charlaine Harris' series ... I bought Craig Ferguson's autobiography ... and a Canadian author to support.

    Otherwise, I download. Usually have access to the top ten fiction/non-fiction within 2 weeks.

    Otherwise, there's no way to share which really sucks about the e-books.
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    I have a nook, but haven't purchased many books at all yet. I've never used the share feature on it yet either not really sure how it works. I been using my nook only to surf the web lately since my computer is a POS.
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    Most of the classics are free on Amazon for the Kindle. The Jungle Book, White Fang, A Tale of Two Cities, etc.

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    I just got a noook color for christmas, but have no books on it yet, and actually may end up not even using it.

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    Where do you download yours lynifer?

    I have a kobo, and really like it, I have bought some books and borrow a lot from my library. Only thing I miss is sharing books with my family and friends.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nauticalmike View Post
    I just got a noook color for christmas, but have no books on it yet, and actually may end up not even using it.
    I would suggest you return it then because it is on the $$ side to never use.

    I got my Kindle as a gift but prefer it over the Nook because of the print quality. My eyes don't fatigue.

    As a quad, I haven't been able to hold a newspaper or book for quite awhile. The Kindle has been a godsend for me.

    Thanks everyone who posted the free sites.
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    So not knowing anything about these, can you get newspapers on them too???

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