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Thread: List of Positives

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    We traveled a lot overseas "in the old days." We got to go through the line for pilots, etc. and avoided the long lines through customs. (Before 9-11, of course)

    We were allowed to sit on planes and buses when the other passengers had to disembark so got to see a lot of the "behind the scenes" activity.

    I, too, enjoy small children's innocence. One tiny little girl watched me, then leaned over and whispered to her mother. "Does she give rides?"

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    It takes me so much less time to get ready to leave if i'm using the chair now. any walking and I have to put on all my joint braces. with the chair, I only have to worry about the upper body ones. Its a lot more comfy this way too!
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    I am not paralyzed. I have a genetic connective tissue disorder with neuro complications and a movement disorder.

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    Since my disability involves my arms, I am not able to cook, which is the thing that I miss the least.

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