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Thread: New SCI

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    Maggie, Ezra is home and we do have a warm water pool here. He went last night. Today we go to the hospital for PT eval and scheduling. Tomarrow we see the Dr that is going to see if he is a candiate for lazer therapy. This Dr works with USA olympic teams and professional sport teams. Ezra had to get to the place in his own mind that he needed to come here for all the sources we have. Not that he is coming home for mom to wait on him. . as Van Quad also reminded me. Thanks so much for all your imput.

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    We had our appointments with Dr Kurt. He feels that Ezra will benefit from his laser therapy. There are only two lasers in the country that go as deep as his will into the spinal cord. He has worked with the USA olympians, GB Packers and other pro teams.
    WE are fortunate that he has his facility in Antigo. Ezra starts January 24 for 15 days of 1 hour laser. Also there is a warm water pool with jets and treadmill. Other treatments are also available if needed. He then will still go to PT here at the hospital 3 x's a week and water therapy at the warm water pool here. Ezra is anxious to get going as he is used to long workouts. He was in a program called crossfit prior to his injury. After looking at the MRI and some xrays Dr. Kurt also stated he had a severe whip lash undiagnosed. Ezra had been stating he could not turn his head and also his neck would catch. We had tried to get the Drs in Il to look at this however, they were more worried about the SCI at the time. Praying that this therapy will work. Will be maxing out credit card to get him though this. How can you not give your child the chance that he needs. Will keep you upto date.

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    Things are certainly looking up! It sounds as if he's going to be getting the best of care and I hope he'll have a very positive experience with the treatments and therapy. I hear you about the credit cards, and yes...uses like this are what makes one thankful for them. Thank you for keeping us posted. Best wishes!

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    We start with the laser therapy Tuesday this week. Excited and yet some apprehension. Ezra's brothers entered a pond hockey tournament this weekend to raise some funds for the laser treatments. Ezra went along as "team captian" He is now looking in to sled hockey as the more he watches everyone skate and have a good time the more he wants to get back on the ice. I reminded him that he needs to wait until he gets the OK from the Dr that his fractures have healed. Oh ya that is right is what he said. He did get an email for the WI sled hockey team and also found out that they are coming here to exhibit and play our Bantams. Ezra is hoping to at least try one out.(I am sure he will ) Praying that the laser will work and he will get more movement and strength.

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    Ezra has had two laser treatments of the 15 he is scheduled for. His first one was 1 1/2 hrs long. Today was a little over an hour. He has a couple of adjustments (not his back) he has been walking duck footed and never has before and also his hips are not moving the way they should. I had noticed his gate with the fore arm crutches has gotten worse in the last couple of weeks. PT is working with him 3 times a week to correct this. With the laser, PT and water therapy time will tell.

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    That's so true, time will tell. And it is very hard not to have a definite idea about what to expect. I'm glad that Ezra is home where he can be treated in the most enlightened ways - and with such strong support from his family.

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    Each case is different, but his recovery so far is great.
    Some athletes recover 100%
    My prayers to both of you

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    i'm praying for 100% for both Ezra & I!!
    Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. -- John Lennon

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    About the same. We are going to Sister Kenny for a ck up on Monday. Lots of questions this time for them. He is unable to do situps yet or walk very much with fore arm crutches. With crutches he is slow so uses a wheelchair for distance and when he wants to keep up with others....Will be having the Dr write up that he will need a first floor dorm room and be close to campus as he attend college next year.

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    Get some really good quality fish oil into that boy. Omega-3 fatty acids helps brain tissue so I'm betting it will help nerve tissue.

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