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Thread: New SCI

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    Welcome T, it sounds like your son is already making good progress. As an athlete he understands the hard work it takes to get to where he was and now he will have to keep fighting for more return. You did not say if he had to have surgery, but after two weeks to be able to walk it amazing. Being young and having good strength is also on his side.

    As a Mom, I am sure you have shed many tears as yes your son was a star athlete, but no matter what the outcome he can still be a star at what he does from this point on. Ask lots of questions and start keeping a journal, as sometimes conflicting things can be said.

    Sorry you had to find us, but there are so many good people on here day and night to give you a boost, some encouragement, or shed a tear with you.

    Wishing you and your soon the best.
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    hey mom (lol, reads funny),
    Sorry to hear about it.
    considering the circumstances, he is very lucky!
    i was injured in july 2011. fractured t12. my parents were told in emergency that i might not walk again - maybe even a terry schiavo case.
    it has been 6 months and i've moved back in with my parents for the meantime - as i go to PT 3x/week 5 mins from their house. i also have acupuncture once a week, massage therapy once a week. i know exercises i can do at home without equipment so i do them when i'm able. there is also a stationary bike in the house so i'm on that more nights out of the week than not.

    it takes a lot. there are many bad days - where i just can't (don't want to) do it anymore. i seem to take it out on my mom first cause she's so great to see me get thru this. she gets very sad and frustrated when i act that way - i understand why. there are good days as well tho - where i realize how happy i am that i can walk (with a cane for now), i still see my friends, go out every once in awhile, heck - that i'm alive!! my accident was a fatal one, i was very lucky.
    fyi - its a long road but its important to keep a positive attitude.
    every person i've chatted with on here has been very helpful. feel free to message me directly if u need. i'm on here almost everyday.
    i'm 27.
    if your son wants someone to talk to, i'm here :0)

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    neck & back pain

    Just talked to my son SCI T5 12/6/11. He states his neck and back "just kill" he has been trying to walk more with his arm crutches. Doing some steps but most distances he uses a wheel chair. He is still going to hockey practices to watch and went on a road trip this weekend. He wants to still be involved with the team. Mentally he needs this but I question if he is doing too much?
    He has an appointment with a nuerosurgeon tomarrow. We are in two different states so I am unable to go with him. He also will be doing PT 2hrs a day 3 x's a week. I asked to inquire if they have water therpy as he seemed to respond well to this when at in patient at Sister Kenny in MN.
    Does anyone have any thoughts? Thank you. Mom15

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    I think the pool walking is what got me the most return. it tires you out fast though at first, but I think the pool was most useful in growing stronger.

    It may take a while to get his pain worked out. If he is incomplete, and it sounds like he is, nerve pain will grow over time, and treating that may or may not be possible, its a crap shoot really, and he and the Dr may have to try different things to treat it.

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    I don't think he's doing too much, being just 20 years old. The more PT and physical activity, the better. Good luck to you and your family, mom15.
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    Thank you for all your ideas. I will talk to his PT(he has therpy 3 x's a week for two hours each. One hour on lower body and one hour on upper) to see also if there is a therpy pool for him. His appointment today for recheck with nureosurgeon we hopefully we will have more answers. After reading through the forums I do realise how fortunate he is. Thank you again. Mom15

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    I second that he is not doing too much. He is young and it is important that he do things like the team trips if it gives him enjoyment and a very important sense of connection. It will help him in lots of ways.

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    Agree with others that he is not doing too much. The more the better, and it is fantastic he is already getting out to see friends/hockey practice.

    I strongly recommend getting some pain medicine. Talk with the doctors about what type of pain they think he has (neuropathic vs. musculoskeletal pain) and whether he should start a medicine for neuro pain. If he gets a lot of pain during PT, then he should have something like Tylenol #3 to take BEFORE therapy so that it helps him work through therapy without as much discomfort.

    Everything sounds really promising so far!!!

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    Mom15 sorry for your son's accident. It sounds like he is doing very well and it's good he desires to be as active as possible. Slow and steady progress is what I have been told. I am sure you are very supportive!!

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    Pool therapy seemed to be very beneficial for me. I think that stretching, at least once per day, is essential. He is not doing too much, and I hope that he will be doing some therapy between PT visits. Good luck.
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