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Thread: New SCI

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    I had my first pool therapy session today and I already feel very confident it will help a lot. I've had therapy out of the pool for months and haven't yet done things i tried today, just because of the weight issue (weight free in pool). it was easier to stretch in the pool, even though it hurt just as much!
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    Going to see my son this weekend. Will see for myself how he is doing. As usual he says fine. I did find out that the out patient rehab where he is going does have a therpy pool. Will see about getting him in. I do appreciate all the suggestions you have and being a sounding board. There is not anyone that I know that has had their son or daughter go through this. We will make it and I have found that the saying is: It is not I can not do it but... How can I do it.

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    It's a steep learning curve, Mom15, but you'll definitely learn to negotiate it. I'm glad to hear that there is a therapy pool where your son is, everyone I know with SCI (whether traumatic or disease-induced) says that the pool is a huge help.

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    As of today I know what all of you are talking about trying to get the PT you need. Just got a call from my son's housing mom in MN and thank goodness she went with him to his first PT. They cancelled again. He has not had PT in two weeks. The reason now is that the Pt was in a meeting. Long story short Darice asked my son if it was ok if she stepped in. He had not problem with it. She got the director and stated that the discharge papers said he was to have PT 4 days a week. they have cancelled twice on him and looking only at 2 days a week. Not acceptable. the Director stated they would get is straightened out Also he is to have water therpy every day. He is getting this tonight but then on his own? I am not comfortable with him being in a pool alone. He still has back and neck pain and not able to walk without assistance in the water. I called my case manager for the insurance company and she stated she had tried talking to the clinic last week and they would not talk to her without my sons permission. she was able to tell them that insurance does cover this. today they told Darice they were not sure if it would cover. I am calling the sister kenny in MN as they referred us to this facility for out patient. Not a good referral . hopefully they will have some suggestions. Do not know what I would do without Darice there and how do I convince my son he needs to stand up for himself. Sorry I am rambling but I hate being so far away and helpless .

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    Pool therapy is wonderful, like others have said workout in pool is much easier. Walking in pool is great exercise and so much easier than land walking. I balance with a noodle in front of me. Then I go into the hot tub after pool workout jets feel so good on back.

    Best of luck seeing your son this weekend.
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    Thank goodness you have such a strong advocate in Darice! Just keep on being the squeaky wheel, hard as it is to do's the best way to ensure that your son will get the attention he needs, especially if he's uncomfortable with asserting himself.

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    Water therapy is excellent. I learned to walk in the pool also.

    Your son has come a long way in a short time. That is always encouraging.

    I know he wants to still participate with his hockey team but perhaps he needs to look into a program that specializes in rehabilitation for his Spinal Cord Injury and take a break from the hockey. Only two weeks of inpatient rehab just doesn't seem like enough.

    Good luck and don't give up hope. He is young and doctors can never ever predict the outcome.

    I am sorry he is in so much pain...hopefully it will get better as he recovers.
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    Thank you for all of your advise. I did talk to Ezra and he said tonight that if tomarrow they do not get his appointments and water therpy where they should be he is coming home. I am unable to go there as I have a full time job and the insurance. Talking with Ezra he has grown up in a short time. He went to the therpy pool tonite and said his endurance has gone down already. He knows he has to do what is good for him. It was encouraging to talk to him and see he too is frustrated with the scheduleing. He said that he can only have 3 days of therpy otherwise they would put him into the inpatient program. I leave Friday morning to see him and we will figure this out. Again I do not know how I would be able to cope without all of your advise and knowledge.

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    Ezra called he is coming home. Sick of dealing with the clinic there. I did call the referring Dr and let them know what happened. He actually went to the Y warm water pool and could only do 20 minutes. He had been doing 1 1/2 here during the holidays. Regressed so much that he now knows that he has to have the PT and water therepy everyday. Can not get it there and can in WI. He also has had contact with a Dr here that works with the olympics, packers and other pros. He will evaluate Ezra and see if he is able to help him out. He is determined to get back what he has lost in a couple of weeks and get more stamina. I pray this works out for him.

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    This all sounds very positive and promising to me - especially since Ezra came to his own embodied realizations about what he needs, and where it is/isn't available.

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