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Thread: looking for slippers that wont fall off

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    looking for slippers that wont fall off

    it may seem these should be easy to find, but i really need a new set of slippers - my frustration levels with these ones are approaching fling-out-the-window figures.

    i need:
    1. a decent sole - i have full sensation and my feet hurt a lot if i stand on something uncomfortable, even a penny. i also have to wear shoes at all times as i cant rest my feet on my footrest without pain and what looks like spasms (they arent)
    2. non slip - i have to use my feet/legs to transfer, but as i have very little balance i have to be confident my feet will remain where i leave them.
    3. one handed use - i have to use one hand to balance myself and so can only use the other for dressing. the slippers i have now have tp be held out by two hands. i have very little trunk cpntrol or hand function.
    4. MUST cover toes, heels, and preferably ankles.
    5. MUST NOT FALL OFF!! i can and will shake my foot in all directions and scrape the heel against my footrest, and i dont want it to pop off.

    can anyone help? these are what i have now ( and like i said, its me or them...

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    These might fit the bill. They are pricey, but in my case they will last forever or until I am bored silly.

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    I agree about the LL Bean slippers. You can also look at a lot of good options at


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    I live in Australia and you're probably not wanting to import but you may find something similar to this closer to home.
    I use these permanently, well when I say permanently I mean all day every day until I go to bed.

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    the sheepskin ones i have are from new zealand (i dont mind importing!) and are almost identical to those llbean ones, but with a more robust sole. it may be hard to tell from the link i posted, but that furry collar folds up as well. they would probably be excellent slippers if i had either full paralysis, or full control, but they just dont work for me. firstly, theyre nearly impossible to pull on with 1 hand, as the sides collapse inwards if not held out - my balance is so bad i cant afford to spare my other hand for donning. secondly, if i hold out my foot with the slipper on, or scrape it even lightly against my footrest, my other foot, or the wall, the slipper pops right off. this is a huge problem, particularly if it falls off right before transferring to the toilet when im in a hurry!
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    FUnny! My Mom got the LL bean ones for christmas..and I said WOW..those look she was trying to order for me (so sweet )..but they are out of stock! so they are really popular...will try later in the year to get them! Love the royal blue color.
    They are actually found under MENS slippers..but they would be great for us too!
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    I have these:

    I've tried others, but these stay on really well, and the sole is firm enough to provide good support on the footrest. My other sheepskin slippers let my ankles turn in or out, but these don't. Well worth it.

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    Thanks I am going to try the LLBean slippers, the ones with the soft sole. I can't stand anything tight because of my neuropathy and have a really hard time wearing anything at all. I still can only wear thin socks so my feet will stay toasty warm with these slippers.

    Does anyone else have feet problems? Ugggg. I did find a pair of boots from Koll's that are a flat boot no heel and the material is felt so it has alot of give.
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    amyk- it sounds like we have similar limitations. I have cheap fake Ugg-style boots that I wear as slippers (I don't wear leather so they are perfect for me, but you could get something more authentic if you want nicer slippers!). Very easy to pull on, protective of my feet, and a good sole for standing/transferring.

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