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Thread: Quadraplegic skydiving

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    Quadraplegic skydiving

    has anyone done it? what the hell do you do with your legs?

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    They get tied and tucked when you tandem dive.
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    illinois, and no, chicago is not anywhere near where i live
    they'll strap them together and usally run a strap to chest, so basically you'll remain in a sitting position while freefalling and under canopy. they'll land by sliding on their but, you'll pretty much be in their lap.

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    Make sure they secure your legs as described above. I've heard of a few quads that ended up with broken femurs because their legs flew up.

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    You may find more info here and when a trip is scheduled
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    Check out this forum - might be some useful information there:

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    What if you have bad spasms? I get worried that my legs, back and stomach will spasm too much from the cool air when falling that the skydiver will just give up and cut me loose to save himself
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    I'm a para and i've done it. I'm going to do it again this year. Here's my video on youtube. My buddy Brian has done it he's a C-4 quad. You can see his jump on youtube as well

    Allegan Sky Dive has the proper equipment they designed for a comfortable jump and landing..


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    yes make sure your legs are secure, mine werent and i hyperextended my left knee, ripping the ligaments in it. i still have knee pain/swelling and i skydived in 2007!
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    local quad here I know went... as I expected, which will happen when ur adrenaline kicks in as u approach landing, his legs spasmed...the tandem guy was not strong enough to raise them clear.... he basically face planted the guy landing on him... discovered hours later he broke his pelvis...... surgery and installation of a all new half titanium hip.,.. guarantee u as he gets older that spawn health issues..... it looks fun but imho possibly crushing my pelvis (which we already have weaker bones from not walking) is not a risk I'll ever roll the dice on...

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