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Thread: Dr. Young - I Love You!

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    Dr. Young - I Love You!

    Dr. Young - I just read your interview with K. Couric. I just want to thank you for taking up our cause. You don't receive accolades, and you certainly aren't getting rich. Just so you know I truly love you. Also, since I quoted you liberally in my book as soon as it gets published a portion of the proceeds will be yours to do with as you see fit.

    Thanks again.

    Moderators - please leave this in the cure forum so others can add to it.


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    what would we do without Dr. Wise Young. Thanks for everything.

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    "Dr. Young - I Love You!"

    Perhaps this should be moved to the Relationships and Sexuality forum? lol

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    Originally posted by Chris2:

    "Dr. Young - I Love You!"

    Perhaps this should be moved to the Relationships and Sexuality forum? lol
    While these discussions can often leave us feeling "mushy" in a Western society and therefore we may tend not to convey our feelings about one another.

    I believe it is absolutely vital that we all let Dr. Young know how we feel about his personal, selfless, and tireless efforts. Although it only takes a few seconds to convey it most certainly goes a long way.

    What comes from the heart, goes to the heart, and Dr. Young is clearly driven by a big heart, and a deep desire to live and help others live.

    Lets not forget, Love is a big part of the cure.

    Wise, THANK YOU, and may you continue building our inspiration, our research facilities, and science until we can look back and say, yes - we've accomplished in converting our hope into our cure! May this happen completely, and speedily in our days.


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    Thank you, Debbie, and everybody.

    Debbie, I just want to describe what happened. I had found out shortly after 1 am that Christopher had died. I couldn't sleep. I got an email at 3:39 from one of Katie Couric's producers, asking if I would be available to talk on the Today show about Christopher. I wrote back saying that I really don't know much about what happened with Christopher on the weekend and that they should ask somebody who knew more. They called back saying that they would like me to come anyway. So, I wrote and posted the eulogy on the site and went into the city. Katie was good friends with Christopher and she was taking the news hard. I really did not know what to say. All that I knew was that Christopher Reeve would have wanted me to say something about spinal cord injury research. To tell you the truth, I don't really remember what I said to Katie. All that I can remember was what Dr. Onders said that people on respirators live an average of seven years and that Christopher had lived nine years. I wish that I had chance to reassure people. It was over in 5 minutes. Katie and I hugged each other. I was out on the street 10 minutes later amongst the crowds around Rockefeller Center. I started to head home but my cell phone started ringing. Over the next 12 hours, I went from studio to studio first for MSNBC, then CNN, Hollywood Access, an interview of Bob Bazelle for NBC Evening News, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, CNN Health Network, then Deborah Norville, and finally Foxnews, as well as radio interviews and a dozen or more phone interviews with magazine and newspaper reporters as I walked from studio to studio. Every reporter that I spoke to was deeply saddened and everybody was scrambling to get the story out. But memories are short and the election campaign is reaching a crescendo. There was only a 24-hour window to talk about Christopher Reeve before people forgot. I got home around midnight.

    The next morning at 7:30 am, I drove to the New Jersey Commission for Spinal Cord Research in Princeton, where over a dozen grantees presented their work. It did my heart good to see the amount and high level of spinal cord injury research in the state. When I came to New Jersey in 1997, there was hardly any laboratory doing spinal cord injury research. By the 1998, the state passed the bill that took a dollar from every traffic ticket for spinal cord injury research. It is only about $3 million a year but there were hundreds of people at the meeting. Melitta Schachner and Richard Nowakowski were there, the first recipients of the Distinguished Professor awards from the Commission. Melitta is joining Rutgers, probably the most distinguished and productive neuroscientist in the world joining the ranks of spinal cord injury researchers, describing her work to apply cell adhesion molecular therapies to spinal cord injury. Richard Nowakowski is probably the leading scientist studying cell proliferation in the central nervous system, spending most of his career on developmental neurobiology but now electing to focus his laboratory on studying cell proliferation in injured spinal cords. Marty Grumet talked about neural stem cell transplants. Several researchers described the nanotechnology, weight-supported treadmill walking studies, gene expression in injured spinal cords, new therapies to prevent cell death in spinal cord injury, and many others. In the last three years of grants by the Commission, New Jersey now has three dozen new laboratories working on spinal cord injury research. I spoke to members of the Commission and congratulated them for their hard work and the results of their work.

    So much more needs to be done.


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    Dear Wise - a long distance ((((HUG)))))! I have to say, you gave Chris and I our only chuckle of the day when we saw you on Fox - the 'arch enemy'!

    If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. - Mother Teresa

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    Thank you Dr. Young for the many interviews you gave to on Monday. It must have been so hard to do amidst your own personal grief.


    "We have a chance to take a giant stride forward for the good of all humanity" in the next election. "We can choose between the future and the past, between reason and ignorance, between true compassion and mere ideology."- Ron Reagan Jr.

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    When I saw you on MSNBC although in the heart of such a massive looked so alone.
    Take your vitamins and yes..I love you too.

    Help is on the way.

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    Thanks Dr. Young. Hope is so important, and you continue to give me any my family hope.

    We're all so sad about Christopher Reeve passing away. He's a true hero. But his reward in the next world will be immense.

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    Dr Young,

    Thanks for sharing the unforgettable moments that you had in the last two days! Indeed, I was very eager to know...thinking of you, xoxo


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