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Thread: frog legs

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    frog legs

    Anyone out there have issues with there frog legs, I love them but seems they either come loose or now I am having issues with them sticking and not turning easy??

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    Mine are ok a year out but im thinking of losing them because they are heavy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redroc2 View Post
    Anyone out there have issues with there frog legs, I love them but seems they either come loose or now I am having issues with them sticking and not turning easy??
    unitne or suspension?
    I have to take my unitine off and clean hair and crap out of the wheel and caster swivel areas, but not near as often as I did with my stock TiLite casters(even the Tilite single sided fork pick up a lot of crap).

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    I had FrogLegs on my chair for a year and a half. I loved them when I bought them but I had to change bearings about every months and they kept coming loose. I'd have crazy caster flutter, and when I tightened enough so the flutter stopped, it'd be hard to turn. I'm really glad I took them off.
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    I just ordered FL UniTines with 5" FLSR aluminum casters to exchange with my TiLite standard forks and 6" SR aluminum casters. My chair is approaching 1-1/2 yrs old. The TiLite casters are heavy (~@1.4lbs) so I kept the forks tight to minimize flutter; but then the fork bearings went bad (I took them out, cleaned, and lubed them, but it was too late - still delivered a choppy turn, and pulled to the side).

    Most folks here say 6" is too big, so I thought I'd try FLSR 5s, which weigh about half what the TiLite 6s weigh. I'm hoping not to have to keep the fork bearings so tight - maybe they'll last longer.
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    frog legs are going to send me a new pair hopefully they work better than these

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    Getting FL Unitines pretty soon. I hope there isn't a problem with flutter. I'd heard about flutter problems with the suspended forks I didn't know there could also be a problem with their non-suspended stuff. I have never had a flutter problem with my stock Tilite two-sided forks. They've run perfectly.

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    This is all interesting. I'd love to try frog legs but they're so expensive. If they're problamatic I probably shouldn't bother trying to save up for them...

    how heavy are they? Any idea how much weight difference between standard forks?
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    Lin, I got them with my new chair, hoping they would help with my spasms, no dice. I am going to change to Untines which will make my chair lighter.

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    I have FL suspension forks for a little over two years now and I haven't had any issues with them.
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