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Thread: Difference in Dig Stim tool angle

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    Difference in Dig Stim tool angle

    I need a dig stim tool since my spinal fusion is so long and I can't reach the business hole. I noticed looking at most of the Dig Stim tools online that they are all angled 90*, but the one on Sportaid (the cheapest one) has a larger angle in it so it looks like your hand would have to be lower to do dig stim. What is the benefit of either tool and what does everyone use?
    I have never had a routine bowel program and now that I have been in rehab for a while I am getting into a routine and need to get this tool.
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    We use the one that is at 90 degrees, but the handle is heat-moldable. Once we try it with a client, and watch to see if they need a different angle to reach and do the correct movements, we may adjust the angle to a more acute or obtuse angle. We also like the ability to change the direction of the tip to the grip using the provided set screw (using an Allen wrench).


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