greetings Care Cure mates

I rarely post but I thought I'd share something regarding pressure sores with any SCI, family, etc. that could benefit from this. Please share/forward this to anyone who deals with patients and pressure sores.

I have been a quadriplegic 17 years and had problems in the past with sacral and ischial sitting sores. I have had surgeries, graphs, flaps and months in bed off my back. Not fun- as all of us know. I keep pretty active and consider myself to be high functioning as a C5 quad. I have worked 12 years full time (minus down time in bed from pressure sores) as a teacher, have two kids, own a home, and feel lucky to have all I do. I have a great support system. For the past three years, I have switched from a Roho and sat on whats called an EASE cushion. I have had zero problems with sores since, and I am more active than ever. As a quad, I've always looked for opportunities to share with others in similar circumstances, and I can't help but think of all the people out there in chairs who battle pressure sores on a daily basis. It also stinks that most insurance companies won't pay for preventative care. Statistically speaking, the majority of people with mobility impairments in chairs are eventually going to get pressure sores. For nearly 8 years, I had a terrible time with pressure sores, then I paid for an EASE cushion. It changed my life. Insurance companies have spent over 100k on my PREVENTABLE pressure sores. An EASE cushion costs between 1 and 2 % of that. Worth it's weight in gold. Not a lot of people know they exist. I'm trying to change that and the more people I know that get one of these cushions and get rid of their pressure sore nightmares, it becomes more frustrating that insurance companies won't pay for preventative care. I am starting an MA program in Educational Technology this spring and as a thesis project, I plan on establishing and administering a nonprofit 403b organization to help educate the medical insurance/administration companies / government about this. I have zero potential for financial gain in sharing this, and just HATE seeing PREVENTABLE suffering and so much money wasted that we are putting our grandchildren in debt for. I posted 5 videos of others just like me who have similar stories below. EASE cushion will send a free DVD out with testimonials and more information to anyone who requests it from their website ( You can't lose. My personal video is third link.

Here are the links to the videos:

Thanks, AJ Minnick- quadriplegic for 17 years.