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Thread: medicare insurance pay for bed

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    medicare insurance pay for bed

    What kind of bed will medicare pay for, looking for a good quality bed for me and my wife. i would love the adjustable confort sleep number bed

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    This thread started a couple days ago. I have posted several links to other threads on sleep number beds there:

    Here is another thread that was posted earlier today:

    A poster named "willingtocop" said his insurance paid 100% for a queen sized Flexabed. Evidently, this bed adjusts up and down in height as well as adjusting the head and foot. It is not a sleep number. I don't have any experience with what medicare will pay for regarding a bed.

    Sleep Number (Sleep Comfort) outlets are having sales on their beds and accessories right now.

    Here are some sites that might answer your question about medicare coverage:|Hospital+Beds

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    I have never seen Medicare pay for anything but a standard (or for those who qualify) bariatric width semi-electric (not full electric) hospital bed frame, and often they require a rental only, which results in you getting pretty much a crappy Invacare antique bed frame.


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