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Thread: paralyzed bride seeks to "relearn" to walk

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    Hi ECU What do you get in this program that is different than working out hours and hours at home. Is it just motivation or is it the machines they have? Maybe water therapy. Just curious, since I do my rehab at home.
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    ECUrach, I want to second that everyone here knows the "spin" on these type of stories has nothing to do with the person they are writing about, and everything to do with pandering to the public's wish to believe that anything can be conquered with enough determination and prayer. I think I wrote here once about a story written about me where the author felt the need to say I worked in "the worst ghetto in the city." My boss was not too amused and told me he had enough trouble hiring people without things like that acting as a detriment! I had to tell him that I had never said any such thing and that it was strictly the journalist expounding on her own beliefs. Anyway, you are doing great, pushing ahead, and we all respect you!

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    If returning to the Project Walk people proves difficult, you might find something along the same lines closer to home. This place got a write up in our local paper. I didn't even know fitness centers existed catering to SCI clientele.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ECUrach85 View Post
    It was a good article but don't think I saId anything about relearning how to walk. I explained to the reporter complete and incomplete injuries and that I had hope to walk again with science and intense rehab. Weight bearing exercises are healthy either way. I'm just as sick as y'all are of people telling me I can pray my way out of the chair or just try reeeaaaalllyy hard. It's annoying. But just be happy there is coverage about SCI, project walk, and an awesome org called walking with Anthony. I just wish all those people praying for me would vote for research.
    Yeah I know, if I hear god has a plan for me one more time I will throw up! The media and outsiders have no clue but to be honest I had no clue before I got hurt either.
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    Here is a link for another center that provides exercise for SCI. They have a very good reputation and theyre located in North Carolina:

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    Everyone at Project Walk is looking forward to seeing you back soon...keep up the hard work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowman View Post

    Everyone at Project Walk is looking forward to seeing you back soon...keep up the hard work!

    Thank you snowman! I look forward to improving my strength even more!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cass View Post
    i really didn't post this about her, but about the media. and what's this nonsense about low bp bp is 90/60. nobody gave me meds to up bp, does this happen?? i mean, if my bp is upped, i'm in trouble. as far as the passing out thing, if this reporter had looked into it, that's normal in new injuries.

    and yes, the media has been all over this story, but they just repeating the same crap.
    Yeah, cass. Taking meds for low bp isn't unusual and it doesn't raise your bp that much to worry if rx'ed right. 90/60 is a good bp, one I wish I always had bc I feel normal when it's that high, but unfortunately like Rachelle mine is much lower throughout the day and the meds are needed. Her injury isn't THAT new. I probably would still pass out if I didn't recognize the symptoms and lean over or take meds when necessary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BRASWELLF5 View Post
    Yeah I know, if I hear god has a plan for me one more time I will throw up! The media and outsiders have no clue but to be honest I had no clue before I got hurt either.
    If one more well meaning person tells me god doesn't give us more than we can handle..........

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    thanks ECU, for chiming in here and for understanding why i posted. i, too, have been misquoted and misrepresented by the media. it is frustrating. i hope all continues to go well for you.

    thanks, vem, i didn't know that about the bp. i thought 90/60 was about norm for quads. although, mine has been 70/50 at docs and i've been asked if i feel ok, now i think about it. now i'm many quads here take meds to up bp?

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