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    how does everyone do it? im a t5 ive only been swimming at therapy where they have the lifts and what not. i really want to be able to go swimming this summer instead of being stuck sitting on the side of the pool watching. so i just want to hear how all of you out there go about it

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    get good at ground to wheelchair transfers then it won't be any issue. I simply move the beach chair closer to the pool's edge. I then sit in the beach chair, then from the beach chair I go to the ground and from the ground I move myself to the edge and put myself in that way. I'm still not great at swimming though. I don't practice that much its more of a relaxing thing for me.

    Also be prepared to get your legs a little cut up. It always happens to me when I want to get back on the wheelchair because at 1 point and time both knees are on the cement. Also be careful when you are dragging yourself so you don't cause a wound doing that. I can feel the pain so it maybe more easy for me to tell what is good and bad dragging. Its not a long distance to move your butt but still a chance.
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    Getting in the pool from the floor is easy - just fall in. Getting out is harder. If you have steps in the shallow end you can climb out there. But I use the corner in the deep end - the corner of the pool is an easier place to pull yourself out. If you face in to the pool it's just like lifting yourself up in your chair by pushing up on the wheels. Same motion.

    Like Coffee Man says, just gotta work on those floor-to-chair transfers.

    I also wear socks when I swim so I don't cut up my feet and ankles. Don't worry - all the cool kids are doing it.

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