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Thread: Sleep Number Adjustable?

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    Sleep Number Adjustable?


    I was wondering if anyone here uses a sleep number adjustable bed? if you do how do you like it. I have to sleep with a lot of pillows under my legs and have ordered a sleep number but not sure if i should cancel it. I would like others opinion on them.

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    We have twin sleep number, adjustable beds. We love the beds. Ours are about 6 years old and we are thinking of replacing the removable topper (cotton/wool mini pillow topper) with Select Comfort's cool sleep foam topper. When we bought the beds this option was not available. NL finds the current topper on our beds hot in summer, but she "sleeps warm" year round.

    Somethings to keep in mind. You can get these beds on various heights of legs and you can put casters on the beds. If you don't need to move the bed much, choose a bed with legs that give you optimum transfer height to your chair. Our twins are arranged side by side and NL moves her bed on casters away from mine to change the sheets and make up the beds. Getting casters is a bit tricky and we had some trouble with our first set and the stems of the casters not being strong enough to support the beds and our weights. Neither of us is overweight.
    Check out the various toppers. There are several from which to choose. If you can, get the adjustable bed without the "massage" feature. In our opinion this feature is useless and if you can save a little by not getting it, all the better.

    Beds have been discussed here quite a bit. Here are a few threads for you to read. I have posted in some of these threads with more information and opinions as have others on their choices of beds.

    I still use pillows to position me on my sides. But, while on my back I only use a pillow under my head. I am lucky and don't have to do much repositioning over night. I sleep on top of a medical sheepskin which wicks moisture and adds cushioning.

    All the best, and sweet dreams

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    My husband and I have one...and wish we would have gotten it sooner than we did. It gives us both the ability to set it at what we need it to be and yet allows us to be in the same bed (before that, my husband had to have an overlay that made him lay in the bed much higher than me). We love ours.
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    Funny...I am trying to find out why our sleep number is loosing air today! Really we too have had our sleep number for 6 years now. I bought it when David was still in the hospital as we had a water bed that needed to go. Hospital told me not to buy it as it wouldn't work, he needed a air overlay on a hospital bed of all things. That left me sleeping on the couch. Wasn't happening! So against their wishes I ordered one and he has not had the first sore on his back side. Only sore he got was from his ankle turning inward which ended up having to be pinned surgically to fix.
    We have had to replace the pump once which caused air loss, not sure today if its the pump or chamber. I have the chamber plugged now to find out for sure. We got the adjustable platform, feet and head raises, also the massage feature which really doesn't do anything but give you a headache cause its so noisy. I don't remember an option of not getting it but that was 6 years ago. I have went to KMart or Walmart on or the other and bought a memory foam pad thats 2" thick to put on top of it, the sleep number pads in my opinion are way over priced. The memory foam pads to cause you to be warm so to eliminate that problem I zipped it up in the sleep number mattess itself so I am not laying right on top of that. I think you will be pleased. I am a 35 and David is a 75.

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    Wanted to add...I just bought both of us the air adjustable pillows for Christmas and they truly are the best pillow ever!!! Expensive but worth it so far anyway.
    And even 6 years into the purchase if its the pump it will cost me $99 and the chamber $69.95 plus shipping and tax. They cover things for up to 20 years but it starts prorating after 2.

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    I have one as well and love it.

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    We love ours. Foam top is like the icing on the cake. 5 years and still in great shape.

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    I have a Comfortaire bed. Same as the sleep numbers. I love it. Sleeps great and I have never had a skin problem. I had it for about 12 years and the pillow topper was kinda crushed. Called them up and replaced the pillow top and the foam for about $350.00 and have a new bed. Can't beat that.

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    I'm glad I found this discussion. We've had a Sleep Number/Select Comfort bed for over 15 years and have loved it. Jim's side has been losing air lately so we are thinking about upgrading to the adjustable platform and get the split King so that we can each control our side. Thanks for your feedback!

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    One nice thing is that you can quickly pump up your side to make it firmer for transferring to your chair.

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