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    Published papers

    Where are the best sources for reading published medical papers regarding SCI and curative treatments?

    I crave information constantly, and Wise has more important things to do than constantly answer my questions when I could find those answers myself.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Cjo, read the research forums here or search Medline for the most recent research abstracts about spinal cord injury.

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    cjo, I use a program called Endnote ( ) to do PubMed searches. This is a database program that connects directly to Medline, the National Library of Congress, and virtually all the major university libraries and can very rapidly search and download abstracts of almost every published article in medicine and biology. The PubMed connection is free. It takes several seconds to find thousands of articles and it can rapidly download hundreds of abstracts in a few minutes. Endnote is available for both Windows and Mac. Best of all, it keeps a rapidly searchable database of all the articles that you have downloaded. Most of the major journals are currently on line. By the way, I post abstracts of many of the papers that I read in the Research Forums. So, a search on this site should yield many of the papers that I consider to the most relevant to this community.


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    Thanks Wise and Seneca!

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    they is CURE for SCI worldwide, but we need to pull our resources together ,PLS READ!

    Dear sci patients,

    i came across a website that i think is super useful , it compiled a comprehensive data on all stem cell banks and stem cell treatment therapy and methods of patient improvement in one comprehensive report that definately will be a very useful guide for us to evaluate , especially if any one of us forumers here is going to try or evaluate using stem cell therapy to cure ourselves , unfortunately this company is asking for

    euro 3500 as the price to pay for that piece of report that i consider really too expensive for anyone of us to have that report . i urge either we pool enough money to buy a copy and then share the information amongst all forum members

    or i urge whoever that has a copy of the report to share the information with us.

    Note that the table of content is published online and i shall provide the link below , it seems they have covered the therapies used the world over. Most SCI websites that has such information i feel is pretty much reporting the latest information published by scientist in the west. As far as i know that is just the tip of the iceberg where a cure/ therapy is concern as there really is many other places that are also trying out stem cell therapy on human instead of just rats. For example i now it may be hard to believe but seriously countries like India, Japan , China or even Malaysia where i am residing has already started treating human patients with stem cell therapy and of course due to regulation and for fear of being prosecuted , those data , findings and improvement in patients almost never surface on any newspaper or websites.

    main page

    table of content

    Please comment and take note as i for starters am definately going to try stem cell therapy as a meants to boost my chances of gaining back my normal life again as would any SCI patients and i find only all of us that share this devastating injury would concur with me that we need to help ourselves first while waiting for a cure.


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