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Thread: Hot flashes, attention nurse please

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    I used forearm crutches for years. one shoulder subluxed the other dislocates easily. the crutches are very hard on your shoulders. well they were on mine anyway.

    The tilt table test seemed to be very helpful in figuring out what was making me pass out. the test was positive before they put the med in the iv. once the meds were in, my heart rate went extremely high. very hard not to pass out. It was a miserable test.

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    There are ways to diagnose dysautonomia without the tilt table test. If you don't have EDS you don't have to worry about the test but if you do you should never have it done again due to the risk of your heart stopping during the test.

    Yes, forearm crutches are hard on your shoulders! I find my chair easier on my shoulders than the crutches, and I have special shock absorbing and ergonomic forearm crutches.

    Joint bracing can be incredibly helpful for joint stability, but should not be used if not needed because by limiting range of motion they can further weaken the joint. With eds though the repeated subluxations and dislocations weaken joints as well. And with eds the amount of subluxations and dislocations experienced ranges greatly.
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    ill ask to see a cardiologist.
    what is really an awful feeling is this dread feeling. like you are waiting for your dad to get home so he can beat your ass. its in the body though. its a terrible feeling. anyway I feel it is connected to my heartbeat. always feel it the day before or the day of passing out. the tilt test did make me feel like my heart would stop. it was not nice at all.

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