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Thread: For Wise Young:

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    For Wise Young:

    Ten years ago I was a student nurse who had no idea where or what to do with herself. I thought I would be a school nurse or something and wear a cute jumper to work every day, but in a moment everthing I had ever known to be true and right about life and living had been torn to shreds and I found myself literally out in the cold on all the levels a person could even imagine.

    A few things happened that year that blended into my life that caused me to search the net in hopes of finding hope for a little refugee girl with SCI and her war weary father. It is a story that is book worthy, maybe I should write it?

    I should think today about the timeline and post it here, it shows how a simple statement from him changed the course of my whole life forever. How he has an uncommon ability to trust and extend the highest benefit of any doubt in wide directions. He has been and continues to be an incredible friend and a man who encourages life without limits for anyone he comes in contact with. I have been and continue to be mentored and encouraged by his love of his work and his determination to develop and drive the field of neuroscience research with respect to SCI. Of course there are difficulties and of course there are scandals and scoundrels in the field today but over the course of the past ten years what I have learned is that no good work or deed goes unpunished and only the smartest survive and hopefully arrive at old age with some semblance of brain intact and even that is sometimes a bit of a crap shoot.

    Thank you Wisey for that one day ten years ago when you typed into a chatbox in my direction, "Mary you know a lot about Neuroscience, why don't you concentrate on that?"

    Thank you Wisey, from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to type that. School nursing might be a good thing to have done but I much prefer and love the world that simple encouragement opened up for me.

    It gave me my living, it gave me my life and it gave me a chance to model good work in front of my two children. It allowed them to be exposed to levels of difficulty and suffering that caused them both to be thankful and positive young adults today. I really like who I became over these past ten years. It has not been easy, quite frankly it has been difficult to navigate but what I always carry in the back of my mind is that I am so lucky to have had and have such a friend, who always answers with the right thing at the right time in often grave times of need. Someone who quite naturally goes out of his way to leave this positive mark on uncountable spirits and souls, and remains as true as he can to his self and ideals as anyone I know.

    Thank you for ten years of great in my direction Wise Young, I look forward to the next ten. Thank you for allowing me to become a part of the Care Cure Community so long ago. Happy Birthday to you, and Happy New Year to you and your family from me and mine!

    Mary, RN
    Certified Neuroscience Registered Nurse
    Spine Care Nurse Navigator

    Student, Communications, Business and Philosophy

    Student, Neuroscience
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    What a lovely tribute. We never know when a word from us - for good or ill -- will impact the course of a life. So glad that Dr. Young wrote what he did to you, at precisely the right moment.

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    What a beautiful story, a nice tribute to Dr. Wise and shows he is such a man of character and a passion for helping others. With such a simply gesture it shaped the course of your life.

    Thank you for sharing especially today that it his Birthday!!
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    I have a strong feeling you and Wise have travelled a few previous lives together - oh and about that book Mar - how about YES !! Mazel .........

    ~ Be the change you wish to see in the world ~ Mahatma Gandi

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    Mary, what a lovely tribute. Guiding your course was indeed quite a service to medicine, and an ethos of compassion. What could be more quintessentially Wise that making yet another huge contribution to society? Wise, I wish you a magnificent birthday as I join the celebration of your entry into our world.

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    That sounds great, it's always so nice when we can tell other people what they meant to us
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